Brookside Country Club on Cutting Edge

by Maureen McCabe on July 13, 2013

Brookside Country Club golfers

Today, Brookside Golf & Country Club in north-west Columbus is on the cutting edge using a mobile app to deliver food and drinks to members.   The app went live at the Brookside Country Club golf course and pool, today.  Brookside Country Club is the first country club / golf course in the US* to offer members the mobile service.  Brookside Country Club is the first to offer members the convenience of poolside mobile concession order and delivery using

A golf tournament at Brookside Golf & Country Club today will test the mobile app on the golf course.

The app is in operation at two stadiums in the United States, including All Pro Freight Stadium, “Home of the Lake Erie Crushers”  in Avon, Ohio.  Someone from Brookside Country Club in Columbus experienced the mobile concession app at the stadium and brought the idea back to Brookside Country Club.  Today, July 13, 2013 the app launches on the golf course and pool at Brookside Country Club.

Brookside Country Club

Brookside Country Club the picture of tradition

The country club on Dublin-Granville  Road is well established.  The buildings and grounds were the picture of tradition on Friday afternoon as  co-founder Dan Cody got the mobile concession app up and running for the country club.   The country club website says:

“Founded in 1927, Brookside is nestled within 260 acres of pristine landscape in Worthington, Ohio between SR 315 and Sawmill Road.”

These days everyone has a “smart” phone.  Brookside Country Club turned member’s smartphones into their concession menu and more.

Earlier in the day on Friday looking at the app on my Android phone all I saw were two stadiums, one in Troy New York and the “Home of the Lake Erie Crushers” in Avon, Ohio, no Columbus venues.   Friday afternoon looking at the development site I could see the two Brookside Country Club Venues.   Friday evening I could see the central Ohio venues, both at Brookside on the website.  I could  read the menu.   I could order food and beverage… up to a point as I am not a member.

Free service for Brookside Country Club members

Brookside Country Club now offers members the convenience of ordering concessions with the mobile app.  There is no cost to country club members to use the service.  There is no cost to Brookside Country Club to provide to  members other than the price of  two iPads.  Smart.   Like most  Internet and mobile apps there will eventually be advertising on the mobile concession menu, there is no free lunch but seeing advertising is a small price to pay for the convenience.

Brookside Golf Course

Brookside Country Club “Treehouse” at “the turn”

Julia Volino, Marketing Director for Brookside explained the mobile application should speed up golf play.  Brookside Country Club members can order a beer or sandwich before they get to “the turn.”    Golf memberships at the desirable north-west side country club are at  or close to full.

Brookside Country Club Pool Brookside Country Club pool

Members at the pool, can order on their phone and have the food delivered to them.  No need to drag the children out of the water to go place and pick-up their lunch at the concession stand.  The menu is on the member’s phone.   Brookside Country Club members can scan a QR code or go to on their smartphone.

Looking at site on a smart phone, you see: Brookside Country Club pool concession

Welcome to Snag

1. Choose your venue.

2. Pick the items you want and pay for your order.

3.  We’ll text you when your order is ready. 

It’s as simple as  a window to pick-up ordered, prepared and paid for menu items.  Or delivery to the member.  The Brookside Country Club Pool venue allows the member to identify where they are at the pools.  Are they are at the baby pool or near the diving board?

Meanwhile back in the kitchen

Meanwhile back in the kitchen or a Brookside Country Club office in this case on the Friday before the launch an iPad shows the order to be prepared for the member.  Or orders… the three columns are the interface for the people preparing and delivering the food order to the member.

SnagMobile application on the iPad an online concession stand

Two of SnagMobile’s co-founders Dan Cody and Peter Yeager  came up with the idea of a mobile app for orders as they were standing in a beer line for 45 minutes during a hockey game.

Will other Columbus venues offer members and customers this convenience in the future?  The convenience of the app has proven itself at stadiums.   Dan Cody is the managing partner and Chief Operating Officer at and  can be reached at  855 395-7624.  Watch for another post on about

*The Columbus golf and country club is the first country club or golf course  in the world to go cutting edge / mobile on concessions with!  Smart move Brookside County Club.


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