What says Columbus to you

by Maureen McCabe on June 16, 2008

Worthington signPhotos. I am trying to think of photographs that says “Columbus” but not downtown Columbus. Photos that don’t say all of Columbus. I want a photo or two of the part of Columbus that I live and work in. The north outer-belt.

The photo above doesn’t even represent all of Worthington. It’s just the original little village, from Morning Street to Evening Street and North Street to South Street. What say’s Worthington – Clintonville – Westerville – Dublin – Powell – Lewis Center to you?

Things that say Columbus to me are… the skyline of Columbus. The statehouse… the arches in the Short North, but those are not the place that I live and work. They are for me the “nice place to visit (for Red, White & Boom, the Gallery Hop, The Columbus Arts Festival, etc. ) but I wouldn’t want to live there.” Not that there is anything wrong with those areas. I just don’t live or work there. I play there. I play there as long as gas prices allow.

I am not much of a photographer. I have pictures of Worthington, Dublin, Powell and Westerville.  I’m tempted to steal Alvin B’s picture of a 270 sign… on the 270…if he’s got one.  Bad blogger! … and 270 represents that whole big loop around Central Ohio, weaving in and out of the City of Columbus and other Central Ohio communities.

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1 Alvin June 16, 2008 at 10:41 pm

Um, no I don’t have a picture of a 270 sign. Been meaning too. But you pegged me. Bad blogger indeed.

2 Maureen McCabe June 17, 2008 at 10:37 am

Good blogger…Your blog’s name paints a picture in my brain then… bad bloggers steal photos. Or are tempted to steal photos.

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