The end of Clintonville

by Maureen McCabe on May 9, 2011

“How do you feel about endings?” is the prompt for today for Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month.)

Of course that’s Monday’s prompt  since the prompt Friday was about beginnings.

I wrote then:

“I usually like beginnings better than endings, personally.  A great ending is great but most endings are not that great.”

Do you know where Clintonville begins and ends?

Link to a poll:  Do you know where Clintonville starts and ends. Choose all that apply.

Clintonville sign

Welcome to Clintonville

Paul Bingle doesn’t know. Or did not know when he first wrote this on the Clintonville website:

“Where does Clintonville end and Beechwold begin?” Reading the post, knowing Paul’s voice I hear this article in Paul’s voice.  Paul was a Clintonville Council Member for years.  I think I knew reading “Where does Clintonville end and Beechwold begin” originally that it was Paul who wrote it….  Paul writes like he talks?

Paul ran for Columbus City Council in 2007.   There was a recording of Paul’s voice online… “Hello I’m Paul Bingle, candidate for….” It’s gone. No more. I have not seen Paul in years but I have known him since 1990.  He used to work in both the real estate industry (I did not know him then) and the mortgage business when I knew him.

The Website for Paul’s campaign said:

“Paul has been a passionate and effective community leader
since 1984, primarily interacting with projects in the
Clintonville neighborhood.”

Yet the ‘Where does Clintonville end and Beechwold begin?’ says:

“Is there a Beechwold and a separate Clintonville?

It all depends on who you ask – but the truthful answer remains the same.  Neither “Clintonville” nor “Beechwold” ever existed as political or formally recognized entities.  Thus any answer as to where the boundaries are between the two areas is an answer based on myth.”

I have two friends who lived in Clintonville / Beechwold at one point in their lives  or thought they did at some time or another.  One grew up on Arden Road… (I believe that’s the street …) the other lives on ??? a road that the other whispered to me “that’s Beechwold” when the other said “Clintonville.”

The sign shown above is on High St. at the Columbus corporation limit, where Worthington ends… and Columbus begins at the  Chaseland neighborhood, north of Graceland which is north of  Beechwold, Old Beechwold, Sharon Heights, Delawanda Park  and other “north end” Columbus neighborhoods.

NaBloPoMo May 2011

Maybe 2011

Recycling as a cure for endings? Much of this post is a post I write for another blog, Discover Columbus Ohio – Columbus real estate. Cleaned up some links that went nowhere… but really it’s recycled.  Maybe I posted this same thing here at some point.

I missed posting on Saturday by about 4 hours. Could I have claimed it was still Saturday in some time zone somewhere at almost 4 AM Eastern time? How many hours behind Ohio is Hawaii?   I could have ended my Nablopomo because I fell asleep rather than posting on Saturday… but this is not the end.


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