Scary Central Ohio Neighborhoods

by Maureen McCabe on October 24, 2007

Kenmore Park is a neighborhood in northeast Columbus. I showed a house in Kenmore Park on Weber Road to a buyer a few years ago who was sure it was haunted. It was decorated like a bordello, it was pretty old, it was a VA repossession but I did not know why she thought it was haunted.

As she explained it: “old house someone must have died there sometime…”  I don’t think the house was that old.  She bought a home built in the 1950′s.

German Village? Braumeister ghosts in the big houses? Brewery worker ghosts in the cottages?

Victorian Village? I am not sure who would be haunting those? Victorian Columbus residents? Repressed people in funny fussy clothes?

Davis Estates is a neighborhood on the south end of Worthington that made the news in 2006 when a cheerleader was shot by a recluse. I wrote about it on ActiveRain (a real estate network) at the time:

“I’d never heard the kids in Worthington considered a house on the south end of town as “haunted.” I don’t have children. I wonder how many parents knew of their children’s curiosity about the house at the edge of the cemetery.  When I heard the story in the news I thought “that house isn’t old enough to be haunted.” It’s in a post World War II neighborhood. I think all the homes are cape cods, I showed a house up the street a couple of months ago. There are some great old houses in Worthington…none are haunted as far as I know. There are haunted “places” in Central Ohio… including Thurber House in Columbus.
A carload of high school girls went to the Worthington “haunted house” one night this week and one of the five girls was shot, twice.

Haunted house, cheerleader, back to school time, it all makes an interesting story:

Prank gone awry stuns Worthington – Columbus Dispatch

Davis Estates was built post World War II, Old Worthington would be more likely to have haunted homes if you subscribe to the theory that ‘old house someone must have died there sometime…’

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