Riverlea: Opposition to Annexation

by Maureen McCabe on October 17, 2011

If you’re not from Riverlea you might be surprised to know there is opposition to annexation to the City of Worthington.

There’s a website Against Annexation

“Against the Annexation of The Village of Riverlea”

The site is against annexation of the Village of  Riverlea to the City of Worthington.  The Opposition Forces (sounds a little dramatic doesn’t it?) have a Facebook page too.

After “Against the Annexation of The Village of Riverlea” it says: “DON”T  GIVE UP THE VILLAGE”

I know when a friend* (who shall remain nameless) mentioned it…it being ” opposition to annexation to Worthington” and told me WHO opposes  Riverlea being annexed to Worthington, it  surprised me.   As an outsider reading about it, I assumed it was a popular idea and kind of foregone conclusion that annexation to Worthington was in the Central Ohio’s villages best interest.

* resident of Riverlea…

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