Polaris area colorful roofs

by Maureen McCabe on September 28, 2008

roofs with tarps 2 weeks after the wind storm - Polaris CrossingDriving through the intersection of Lazelle Rd and Sancus Rd this morning a friend pointed out the roof’s at Polaris Crossing ( an *apartment complex which rents furnished apartments on a monthly basis) just south of the south west corner.    Coming back through I had to stop and shoot photos of the colorful green and blue tarps on the roofs.  Remnants of the remnants of Ike coming through Central Ohio on September 14, 2008.    Almost every roof at the rental community seems to have a tarp and you can see evidence of shingles that were torn off by the winds in that historic storm.

Bad roofs?  Bad roofing?  The condominium community just south of Polaris Crossing, Carriage Oaks looked to have roofs intact.. but we saw one condo building with damage.  Driving into  Worthington Highlands (a single family residential neighborhood) there were a few homes with tarps on their roofs.

I am not that great a photographer and it is just my phone’s camera and it is a gray day… (rain?)

I do not work with apartment rentals.

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