Olentangy Falls… the home stretch

by Maureen McCabe on June 25, 2011

Olentangy Falls… 2011 BIA Parade of Homes, the home stretch.

Parade of Homes – New England Homes from Parade of Homes on Vimeo.


This is it.  The final weekend of the 2011 Parade of Homes at Olentangy Falls in southern Delaware County.  Visiting this front porch will be trespassing after Sunday, June 26, 2011  so go visit the BIA Parade of Homes now…

It is so funny in the New England Homes video done by the BIA, builder Doug Annette  *  Anette calls the home “a sophisticated Connecticut farmhouse”  but I have friends who have spoken of this year’s Parade homes “southern charm.”

Do you have memories of a farmhouse in your past that would come back looking out over the beauty of the Olentangy Valley from this porch?

The house is sold.  Most of the 2011 BIA Parade of Homes are sold.  Only the MI Homes, 2011 Parade entry was unsold the last time I heard.  I heard it was sold though earlier…  or that they were negotiating a contract on the house.

New England Homes…  New England Homes Ohio

When Doug of New England Homes  says in the video that the porch is eight feet wide (or maybe that is eight feet deep?)  it makes me wonder how wide the wrap around porch on my grandparent’s farmhouse porch was.  As kids we did not sit in rocking chairs on that porch but it was a great porch for playing on… running on.  The farmhouse (it really was a farm)  built in the early 1900′s for my great grandparent’s Henry and Julia McCabe had a wraparound porch.   That wraparound porch had “southern charm.”  Southern Wisconsin charm.

Is there a wraparound front porch you remember?

EDIT April 16, 2012  I had Doug’s last name misspelled!

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