"Goodbye, City Center"

by Maureen McCabe on February 4, 2009

That’s the headline of today’s Columbus Dispatch. City Center will be razed this summer.

Hello Columbus Commons. Green space and some buildings.

In the Columbus Dispatch story by Mike Pramik and Marla Matzer Rose it says the mostly vacant mall will close in March and be demolished during the summer.

“This summer, nearly 20 years after City Center opened as the shining star of central Ohio’s retail universe, the obsolete and nearly abandoned mall will be demolished. It is to be replaced by an urban park and, within several years, a collection of buildings that will contain homes, offices, restaurants and shops.”

Controversial?  There is nothing wrong with City Center structurally.  City Center is NOT 20 years old… or City Center would be 20 years old this year…  it opened in 1989.  After months of studying what to do with the present buildings… the best course of action is raze it.  Today’s Columbus Dispatch article “Goodbye, City Center.”

I moved to Columbus in 1990. Although I lived in the Sawmill Road area I shopped at City Center.  That wss the place to shop prior to Polaris Fashion Place, Easton  and Tuttle Crossing opening in the suburbs.

The Columbus Dispatch shows the decline in City Center over the last decade

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