Columbus neighborhoods where bedbugs bite…

by Maureen McCabe on August 30, 2010

Infrared Bed Bug stamp Columbus neighborhoods where bedbugs bite… the Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force site has a map… of  bed bug activity by neighborhoods!  Well not it’s not really Columbus neighborhoods.  The map shows some Central Ohio ZIP codes.

Columbus is number 7 in the US for bedbugs, according to a list from Terminix.

Flytown now there’s a neighborhood where bedbugs probably bit back in the day.  Flytown is no more.   Flytown was where 670 is today? It was an immigrant area long ago.  I always thought of Flytown  as the Irish neighborhood in Columbus.  It was. It was also home to other ethnic groups when they emigrated to the US.

I always remember a scene in the movie  ‘Angela’s Ashes’ about bedbugs.   Or maybe I remember bedbugs from the book, ‘Angela’s Ashes.’  I read the book before I saw the movie.  I believe the McCourt family met up with bedbugs more than once.  I believe they ran into bedbugs in the US, in New York City and in Ireland.

Other than hearing “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite” as a kid and at some point getting an explanation that there was no such thing as bedbugs anymore…not to worry…   I have never been exposed to bedbugs, personally.

The Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force’s list…  is a .pdf .  It is on resources on their site.  I could just link the map here but I am not going to… I am going to link to their resources page.  The Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force’s page is where to go to find out about EVERYTHING to do with bedbugs in Central Ohio.   Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force – Resources click on map.    map stamp

ZIP code, then numbers?  The map does not have a legend.  I thought it was a heat map and the colors on the map meant something.  I now believe the numbers are the number of bedbug treatments?

43235 9

43085 12

43235 is the West Worthington ZIP code.  43085 is the Worthington ZIP code.  Compare that to ZIP codes with hundreds after the ZIP code.  How is your ZIP code.  I believe the Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force map only shows Franklin County.  I see a Westerville ZIP code, I do not see the second Westerville ZIP code.  Perhaps it is just the Franklin County Bed Bug Task Force. The New Albany ZIP code is on the map.  Other Central Ohio ZIP codes in Southern Delaware County are not on the map.  43240 a Columbus ZIP code in Delaware County did not make the map.  43240 is the Polaris area.

Looking at the Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force’s map does tell you a story in my opinion.  The less dense a population would be the less chance of an encounter with bed bugs, but they are everywhere.

Maybe it is the real estate agent in me but looking at the map…  looking at the numbers… knowing the ZIP codes a bit.  Knowing the neighborhoods. Knowing where there are multifamily homes, knowing where there are condominiums.    I think a single family home is one of the best defenses against a personal encounter with a bedbug.

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