Columbus cul-de-sac communes

by Maureen McCabe on April 9, 2009

I heard a story about California cul-de-sac communes on the radio a week or so ago…  people were doing something communally in Los Angeles neighborhoods because  of the economy… I can’t remember what… gardening?  Sharing gardeners?

This Answer in the Columbus Dispatch article by Robert Vitale reminded me of cul-de-sac communes:

“Q: Can I go in with my neighbors?

A: Yes. There’s nothing in the city’s contract with Rumpke that prevents groups of people from sharing the cost. But Rumpke will stop at only one of the houses”

Columbus cul-de-sac refuse communes?

According to the Columbus Dispatch article there are limits to the number of  containers and the weight.

Columbus Dispatch - A primer on city’s new yard-waste pickup program


Columbus Division of Refuse  Yard Waste Page

Previously on about the cities new plan


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