Clintonville the debate rages on…

by Maureen McCabe on November 11, 2007


Welcome to Clintonville sign at Worthington city line* Original image is lost…

There’d be fighting in the pubs and bars of the Clintonville area if there were pubs and bars in Clintonville or Beechwold… brawls over where are the lines of demarcation between Clintonville and Beechwold. Or maybe not. Maybe after a few beers or some wine, it would make it seem more like “Clintonville? Beechwold? Nice area! Who cares?”

Clintonville is dry!  Or much of it is.  Drier than Westerville… now. Maybe what the Official Clintonville website calls”The Clintonville Beechwold Debate“* would be easier, more mellow in a pub, than in all the coffee shops that are springing up along High Street.

If ambiguity bothers you, Clintonville and Beechwold may not be the area for you to live. There are not hard and fast borders.

As the site says:

“It all depends on who you ask – but the truthful answer remains the same. Neither “Clintonville” nor “Beechwold” ever existed as political or formally recognized entities. Thus any answer as to where the boundaries are between the two areas is an answer based on myth.”

The map above is what recent real estate listings said was Clintonville. The green dots are listings. And here’s what was listed as being in Beechwold.  Overlap?  You betcha!*


Clintonville Poll – do you know where Clintonville starts and ends? *

*2013 Edit to remove broken links.  The post on the site is gone…  the images are on my site but I can not get them to display.  The link to the Poll is gone.  The image at the top is more recent

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