Clintonville, Ohio America’s Coolest Small Town?

by Maureen McCabe on September 26, 2012

Welcome to Clintonville sign at Worthington city line

Clintonville, Ohio is America’s Coolest Small Town?

Really? Read more:  Nominations Coolest Small Towns 2013

I have to say when I first saw it on Facebook I thought someone was delusional.  At least one person in the Facebook comments on the Experience Clintonville page is.  Delusional…

Is Linda the person who nominated Clintonville, Ohio as America’s coolest small town?  I am not saying that Linda who wrote the blurb on is delusional… she knows Clintonville is a neighborhood:

“Clintonville is a trendy neighborhood within Columbus,OH with an old time feel of “community”. There are wonderful small shops and restaurants independently owned. The homes are 100+ years old and everyone knows their neighbors. The houses sit close together, and people actually sit out on their front porches. The Clintonville community is so popular that most homes sell within 10 days of listing! - Linda

Clintonville is a neighborhood.  Linda (who nominated Clintonville)  knows that Clintonville is a neighborhood.   In the comments (someone who is not delusional?)   says the Clintonville neighborhood has more population than the limit in the poll.   I did not check out what the Budget Travel criteria was.

OK  I did.

Budget Travel wrote:

What makes a Coolest Small Town?

The town must have a population under 10,000. It also needs that indescribable something: independent shops, a sense of energy, an epic backyard, culture, delicious coffee. In other words, cool doesn’t necessarily mean quaint: We want towns with an edge and a heart.

You don’t have to travel far from Columbus to find towns with an edge and a heart…  And Clintonville has an edge and a heart, delicious coffee…  Clintonville is a cool neighborhood.

When I did a best Columbus suburb poll years ago (2007… by golly that’s 5 years ago ) someone nominated Clintonville as the best Columbus suburb in that poll.   Then I posted a poll about Best Columbus Neighborhood.  Another post about the Columbus neighborhoods said at some point:

“Clintonville is ahead in a poll about the best Columbus neighborhood.”

Neighborhood pride is good.

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