Clintonville "If you build it they will come"

by Maureen McCabe on January 21, 2009

Not a baseball diamond in a cornfield. If you build a turn lane on N. Broadway in Clintonville more traffic will use North Broadway rather than side streets, according to at least one resident who lives on North Broadway.

I had to stay up and watch the news last night to see what the hotly debated issue in Clintonville was. – Clintonville Neighbors Argue Over Busy Intersection The intersection in question is North Broadway and N. High St. The solution for some? A turn lane that would allow south turns on High Street from N. Broadway. Who opposes it? People who live on N. Broadway.

The Clintonville commission will be the decider.

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1 Paul Sheridan January 23, 2009 at 08:58 am

I agree…the turn lane will increase traffic. I lived on Oakland Park Ave. for several years, and a left turn lane would have provided me the ideal route to Nancy’s from my house! Now that I live in Westerville, when I go to Nancy’s, I get off at Weber and back-track. With the new left turn lane, I’d use N Broadway to get to High Street, every time.

2 Maureen McCabe January 24, 2009 at 07:36 am

Thanks Paul!!!!!

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