Central Ohio Sprawl

by Maureen McCabe on June 16, 2008

To some it is sprawl. To others it’s just “the suburbs.” In the Columbus Dispatch Sunday’s Outward urge article Central Ohio developers say today’s high gas prices are not going to keep the Columbus from expanding outward… or sprawling as some call it in the future.

The neighborhoods of tomorrow may be developed differently than neighborhoods of the 195o’s through this decade.

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1 Tray Hunker June 16, 2008 at 01:49 am

It all depends on where your job is and how much it is expected to pay you over the next decade. That’s the main reason people move to the suburbs. Everything has been leaving the downtown in the last 100 years. First, it was heavy industry, then light industry. Then retail left downtown and recently office jobs are leaving. So, people follow the jobs which makes high gas prices even more an incentive to move to the suburbs especially in the warehouse economy of Columbus.

2 Maureen McCabe June 16, 2008 at 07:44 am


I’ve worked with people who work downtown who live in the suburbs. I’ve worked with people who work in one suburb but live a couple of suburbs away by choice … personal choice.

I’m surprised by the interest in moving way out in the country to have acreage, still… despite the gas for the commute and the prospect of sitting on a riding lawn mower to keep that acreage under control on weekends.

You’d think to read the Dispatch sometimes that we all ought to move downtown but there are not that many jobs downtown, there’s no shopping.

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