Color Coded Trash

by Maureen McCabe on February 21, 2006

Columbus uses a color coded trash system with a rotating calendar throughout the year. You have to respect a Refuse Division with a posted vision.   You have to respect a division that moves that much refuse.

Columbus Refuse Division

“The vision of the Division:

  • To become a leader in municipal solid waste management by exploring and utilizing new collection methods and technologies for greater cost effectiveness and operating efficiencies without sacrificing service to the public.
  • To accomplish our mission statement through commitment and teamwork.
  • To appreciate, understand and respect the needs of our customers.
  • To foster and respect individual differences as to one’s opinions, beliefs, values, and life goals.
  • To advocate open, honest and productive communications throughout the division and community. “

In Columbus there’s excitment of what is trash day this week … Did the neighbor forget we had a holiday and put their trash out a day early???  Ha Ha! Put your trash out a day early to see how many neighbors follow your example.   Monkey see monkey do.

Live in the city of Columbus and you live in  the Navy, Gold, Ruby, Gray or Pink trash pick up area.

The Navy area had  Monday trash pick up since Martin Luther King Day but is now Tuesday because yesterday was President’s Day.  It will remain Tuesday until Memorial Day.

2006 Trash Collection Schedule Chart*

February 2006*

Visit the Columbus website… refuse charts, refuse graphs, refuse calendars, rules, regulations, phone numbers…everything you need to know. Remember back in the days when you paid attention to trash day by reading the Columbus Dispatch? It’s all online now.


Find your collection color. If you do not know your collection color, call the 3-1-1 Call Center at 645-3111 (TTY 645-6507) or click here.
Highlight or circle the row of days across your collection color.
There are no collections on holidays observed by the City of Columbus. Your collection day changes after each observed holiday to the day in that column.
If you have questions regarding your collection day, please call your collection color hotline, 645-[COLOR]. Example: 645-NAVY (6289).

NOTE:  Your collection day is not affected by Good Friday or Veteran’s Day holidays.”

I showed a house in the city of Worthington.  It is vacant and has been on the market a long time.  The listing agent has “Silent Salesmen” posted all over the house.  A Silent Salesman tells you things the listing agent would bore you with if they could be there to do so.  This home has Silent Salesmen not only about the features of the home but community features.  The buyers I showed the home to made fun of the listing agent’s Silent Salesman about Worthington Trash Pick Up ALWAYS being on Friday.  As Columbus residents they have not found the color coded trash system to be that difficult.  If they do move to Worthington it will not be for Friday trash pick up…

Susan Pruden a MD REALTOR® blogging about ‘Big Trash” in her community inspired me…I can’t find the perma link now.   Thanks Susan I could blog about Columbus and Central Ohio trash for weeks. Columbus bulk pick up.  Worthington trash pick up, Dublin trash pick up, Powell trash pick up, Hilliard trash pick up, Gahanna trash pick up, etc. etc. etc. ..Does the Dublin Refuse Division have a vision?  Special pick ups and drop offs. Stay tuned maybe I will. This could become Columbus Best Refuse Pick Up Blog.

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This was first posted on the original Columbus Best Blog on February 21, 2006. Edited April 2013 to remove two broken links

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