The Maureen Corps

by Maureen McCabe on October 15, 2005

I will soon have a license plate holder that says the few, the proud, the Maureens  I first saw the phrase on Maureen.Com a few years ago and have wanted a t-shirt saying “the few, the proud, the Maureens, ever since.  I don’t wear t-shirts though.

I wavered when I saw the “lean, mean, driving Maureen”  plate holder.

Maureen,  the owner of secured the domain in 1995. Which goes to show the early Maureen gets the domain.

I once listed a house because the owners first name was Maureen.  I don’t remember her last name, or her husbands name.

As a child in a Milwaukee suburb birthday party invitations came addressed to “Marine McCabe.”  My mother grew up in a Chicago Irish neighborhood.  She thought Maureen was a common name.  Those were the days of actresses Maureen O’Hara,  Maureen O’Sullivan (Jane of “I Tarzan, You Jane” )  and Maureen Stapleton.

Locally if you Google Maureen and Columbus Ohio, often reporter Maureen Kocot of Channel 10 News comes up first.

Other Columbus Ohio Maureen Corp members according to the search enginers are:

Maureen O’Connor, Ohio Supreme Court Judge, former State Attorney General, formerdirector of the Ohio Department of Safety,  etc. etc. etc.

Maureen O’Rourke,  Executive Director of Ohio Literacy Network.

Maureen Haney and her husband Dick were the 2004 honorees of the 24th annual Columbus Feis. There is a neurologist named Maureen in Columbus.  At least two other REALTORS? in Columbus are part of the Maureen Corps.   A young Maureen from Columbus wrote on the Smoke Free Ohio Web Site  about her father’s death from smoking.  There’s a Maureen in Columbus  who works successfully with Afghan Hound Rescue.

I believe there is a Maureen in Columbus who is a restaurant critic or columnist for Columbus Monthly.   “The hottest seats in town” wrote Maureen McGavin / Columbus Monthly of Cameron Mitchell’s  Martini Italian Bistro at Polaris.

Other members of the Maureen Corps outside Columbus Ohio include columnists / journalists, writers and playwrites: Maureen Dowd, Maureen Orth, Maureen Hunter and Maureen McHugh.

Maureen McTeer also known as Maureen Clark is an author, an attorney and the wife of  Joe Clark the 16th  Prime Minister of Canada according to Wikipedia

The late Maureen Reagan, daughter of President Ronald Reagan and actress Jane Wyman was a political activist, radio commentator and  health advocate.

More actresses: Maureen Garret (soap opera), Maureen McCormick (Marcia on the Brady Bunch )  and Maureen Potter.

I know of two artists named Maureen, Maureen E.Kerstein and Maureen McCabe, a collagist!

The Worthington Ohio Bicentennial Celebration July 5, 2005 featured singer Maureen McGovern.   I,  Maureen McCabe  was there!!  I walked in the Worthington Bicentennial Parade with HER Real Living’s caliope and a handful of agents from my office. Maureen McGovern’s  website says “The Maureen Corps”  but I don’t believe she’s including all of us Maureens in her corps.

And don’t ever forget tennis great Maureen Connally, “Little Mo”

From the  FAQ on

Q. Don’t you know that the nickname for Maureen is “Mo” not “Moe” ?

A. “In truth, opinion on this is a little mixed . There are a good 10-15 % of us out there that use “Moe” rather than “Mo”.  The majority of people are rather solid in the “Mo” camp though.   I have no idea how I ended up with the “e” because I was just too young to remember it. ”

I am Mo.

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