Lost and Found…

by Maureen McCabe on May 26, 2011

Today’s Nablopomo prompt is  “What was the last thing you lost?”

Since Easter I have lost and found a little accordion pleated slip of paper with the 23rd Psalm printed on it…three time.  The prayer is in a little box on a bracelet I got as a gift Easter Sunday.  I picked out the  bracelet with a little prayer box from a number of beautiful things an artist made.  The artist from W. Virginia, a friend of friends, she was visiting Columbus at Easter.

Three times the little accordion pleated slip of paper has fallen out.  There is a magnet that holds the door secure.  Or kind of secure.  The three times I discovered the prayer  missing the prayer box was not open.  I looked in to check on the prayer and it was gone.  I figured I’d never find that sip of paper.   I would start trying to figure out how to print the 23rd Psalm real small and pleat it to fit in the prayer box.  I was resigned there was no way I would find that little accordion pleated piece of paper.

Three times the prayer was lost.

Three times it was found.

There is a piece of tape covering the prayer now…  It’s transparent.  I can see the little accordion folded slip of  paper.  I can take the prayer out if I want to.  I’d like to believe I’d find the prayer again if it fell out again… but the fourth time?

A friend lost a set of keys last Friday.  When he retraced his steps the next day the Lowes at Polaris was the first place he stopped.  He had a couple of other places to stop if he did not find them at Lowes.  He checked with the customer service desk at Lowes to see if someone had turned in keys.  The employee looked in the “lost and found” and said there were no keys…   My friend noticed an employee he recognized from the day before so he went and asked her if she’d found keys.  She had.  She had turned them into someone else.  That employee was there, too. He  went and got the set of keys out of the “lost and found”  magically.

Nablopomo is National Blog Posting Month… the idea is to post a blog post a day.  The prompts are way more personal than I wish they were…

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