Columbus Parents: Casting Call 2012

by Maureen McCabe on May 17, 2012

Next week the show America’s Supernanny is casting in Columbus.   I have never seen the America’s Supernanny show… Is it kind of an “Extreme Makeover Family Edition? ”

Do you need parenting help?  Want to be on TV getting parenting help?  You could be the star… or is the Supernanny the star? of the TV show?  Or are the wild children the stars of  ‘America’s Supernanny?’

Old Real Living casting call ecard

To contact America’s Supernanny:

 ”America’s Supernanny is casting in Columbus next week! We are trying to spread the word to families who may be interested in getting parenting help. Interested parents can call 1.877.NANNY.TIME. “
* The woman who contacted me looks legit according to LindkedIn she works in casting at Shed Media US.
The image is an old Real Living?  or was this a  Real Living HER ecard?  The card was used when HER was casting TV commercials.  This card and HER have no relation what-so-ever to the show casting in Columbus in 2012.  The old Real Living / Real Living HER cards are no longer used.  But I hoarded some.  I do not watch that show either.
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