Wet Basement Quiz Question #8

by Maureen McCabe on February 6, 2008

Question #8:  It is ever ok to treat  a moldy basement without removing the water source even when it’s just a damp basement (not leaking).Answer:  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES!  Every single mold clean up protocol ever credibly written states that the water source must be removed.  When the water source is a wet basement many realtors are reluctant to demand basement de-watering for the home in conjunction with mold clean up because they imagine their commission dwindling or the deal being killed.  A concrete block basement can hold hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water inside the cores without ever leaking on the floor.  The truth of the matter is: if the water source is not remedied, the mold problem will re-surface again raising liability issues for both realtor and broker.

Huh? Why would a real estate agent have a problem with the source of the water being corrected during a sale?  Listing agent? Buyers agent?  Of course this series if from a spam email sent to real estate agents.

If there’s a hole in the roof letting water intrude, you gotta fix it… same’s true on the other end of the house.  Is his fix the only fix? You’d think so from his spam email but there are reputable basement contractors in Central Ohio. 

If you discover your basement has problems during the sale of the property,  a good home inspector can refer you to reputable contractors who will remove the source of dampness, any leaks and the mold…

This is from a series from a spam email from a basement contractor.

How is your basement this morning after all the rain?

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