Worthington’s J. Liu Restaurant

by Maureen McCabe on August 13, 2010

J Liu Worthington

Worthington’s J. Liu Restaurant and Bar is at 6880 N. High St. Worthington.   It’s been open a few years and but I have never eaten there before June 2010…  I’ve had coffee there a number of times.  I have had carryout  once but I have never eaten at J. Liu in Worthington before June 26, 2010.   I wrote a post about the restaurant when we ate there.   The food  (I had a great filet) was wonderful.  Our waiter was wonderful…. he had a great personality,  he was kind.  You would think I would remember his name.  If you are a waiter at J. Liu and have a personality just  assume it was you.   The waiter at the table next to us had a personality too.   Anyway if you work at J. Liu  in Worthington just assume it was you.   Thank you.

Music alert…Loud  their website   J. Liu

Do you remember when J. Liu was Jason’s?  The original Jasons / J. Liu’s is in Dublin.   We share parking with J. Liu… the one in Worthington.  Our 6902 N. High St. parking lot is where the restaurant staff parks.  Our whole lot was filled with valet parked cars on the Saturday night in June when we ate there.  We need little to no parking on Saturday nights.

The restaurant building is gorgeous inside and out.  The inside is not what you would expect from the outside but having been in J. Liu’s a number  of times.. (we have had sales meetings there hence the coffee.)   Why am I belatedly blogging about J.Liu?  In part because today is National Filet Mignon Day and I would recommend,  J. Liu’s  filet.  It was nearly melt in your mouth good.  I remember the taste with no problem….   Eating at J. Liu’s in Worthington is one of ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio.’   There is a  Facebook page called ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’ too.

Question.  If you see “Filet’ on the menu is that the same thing as Filet Mignon?  As you can tell I am not the most sophisticated of carnivores.

Again if you are a waiter at J.Liu’s who has a personality and is kind… a belated thank-you…

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