Worthington Welcomes Pies & Pints

by Maureen McCabe on November 19, 2012

Pies & Pints at the Shops at Worthington Place


Worthington welcomed Pies & Pints  last week.  I saw something about the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Shops at Worthington Place earlier in the week.  Worthington likes to do ribbon cutting ceremonies.  Maybe other central Ohio towns do too.  I did not make it to the Worthington ribbon cutting for the new  place in town.

Foodie fun…Pies and Pints gluten free pizza

Pies & Pints… is pizza and beer, of course.  I was invited to a foodie event at Pies & Pints last Thursday.  I do NOT really consider myself a foodie.  There’s food here on this site  but it never fails I forget to take photos of my food until there is a big hunk missing.   Exhibit B.  here,  a gluten free pizza with a missing piece.  I got excited when I noticed on the Pies & Pints that they had gluten free pizza.  I had already eaten 1.5 huge pieces of real, honest to goodness glutenfull pizza* before reading that they have gluten free food on their menu.   The square pizza is the gluten free.

Pies & Pints pizza… the real thing

www.PIESand PINTS.net

The real thing, Pies &  Pints pizza is round.  Pies & Pints has two sizes on their real pies (not gluten free.)   Small is  10″ and Large  is 16″  their online menu says 1/2 and 1/2 is available on large their large pies.

“All of our specialty pies start with our blend of mozzerella & provolone on our house made dough brushed with roasted garlic olive oil.”

It was wonderful.  It was worth it.


Pies and Pints pizzas

The real pies (not gluten free) are round.  The Pies & Pints pizza was cut in big wedges like their signage (first picture above… Exhibit A.)   To some in central Ohio, the fact that some central Ohio pizza is cut in squares rather than wedges is WRONG.  I repeat The Pies & Pints pizza pie is round and cut in wedges.

I tried two wedges of pizza (the real stuff) and  I was stuffed long before I was able to finish the second piece. I tried the Grape Pie and the Chipotle Chicken Pie. The pizza I tried was good.  Neither was truly traditional though.  I should have grabbed a piece of pizza that was more traditional but I grabbed a piece of Grape Pie and a piece of Chipotle Chicken Pie. The Chipotle Chicken Pie was HOT.

Pies & Pints have pies for traditionalist on their menu.

Classic Pizza Pie
Pizza Pie


Pies & Pints  White Elephant Saloon
Pints... reading the beer list is pure entertainment.  Yes there are beers like Pabst Blue Ribbon on the menu but there’s also beers with fun names like:

Founder Dirty Bastard from Grand Rapids MI
Thirsty Dog Stud Service Stout from Akron OH
Fat Heads Sunshine Daydream from Cleveland OH

There were beers from California and other states outside of the Great Lakes region on the massive beer list as well.

The place has a Beer Czar…  Ryan H. talked about beers to the group of foodies.  It was fascinating even for someone who was not going to try even a single pint (or bottle.)  I can’t wait to read posts on the real foodies blog’s about their impression of Pies & Pints.

Pies & Pints even has a bottled gluten free beer* on the menu.   Green’s Gluten Free.  I grew up in the Milwaukee area.  I loved the taste of beer as a child.  Or some beers.  I really loved the taste of beer in college (drinking age was 18.)   I did not try beer at Pies & Pints.  I drank Diet Coke.

The list of  “Reserve Wines” at Pies & Pints was impressive… or would be.   I am sure to wine drinkers the names would mean something.   I love wine but I have no taste.

Pies & Pints – The Shops at Worthington Place

If you go….  Pies & Pints is on the north – east corner of the mall. The Shops at Worthington Place is at the north-west corner of High Street (route 23) and W. Wilson Bridge Road. Pies & Pints and the Shops at Worthington Place are just south of 270. You can get to Pies & Pints  from the mall.  There are signs pointing to the restaurant from the inside of the mall.   There is an entrance north of the east entrance.  Pies & Pints is parallel with Krogers. Pies & Pints will be paradise in the summer.  The little walkway between Pies & Pints and the new Kenneth’s spa (opening today) seems awkward to me in November. It is going to be even less appealing in a month or so with snow.    Not wide enough to be a courtyard, it is wide enough for a patio at Pies & Pints.   Pies & Pints is going to be a great place to hang out in the summer.  You’ll see.

*If you do not know what gluten is or why some people eat gluten free don’t worry.  You probably don’t need to know.  I just made up the word “glutenfull” and spell check is not happy.  I will do a follow up post on ColumbusBestBlog.com about Pies & Pints gluten free choices.





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