The price of rice…

by Maureen McCabe on April 25, 2008

I saw it on cable news one day… the local news the next.  The price of rice has gone up and there is rationing  I mean limiting at some stores. 

I bought a 10 pound bag of basmati rice for a family a couple of years ago as a Christmas present but kept it when I realized they had a 40 pound bag.  They’re  big basmati rice eaters…. they finished their 40 pounds loooooong before we finished the 10 pound (I bought it partly because I loved the fabric bag with a zipper top it was in… very pretty packaging.) 

This past Christmas this family gave me a 2 pound bag of basmati rice. 

The supply of some rice is a global problem according to a Busineess Week Article.   The news  just hit the US  media this week??? 

The Columbus Dispatch today has an article that local “big box” stores are limiting ” “Stores limit purchases of big bags of rice.”  I bought my big bag of rice (which lasted almost a year?  or was it two years?)  at Spice World on Worthington – Galena Road, an Indian Market.  I have bought basmati rice at Kroger before… I have never even been in Costco or a Sam’s Club so the limiting is probably not going to affect me.

According to the Columbus Dispatch article local restaurants are affected:

“Allyson Chang, owner of three Asian restaurants in Columbus, hopes the hike in rice prices doesn’t get steeper. She buys about 1,500 pounds of rice per week for her three restaurants: Hunan Lion on Bethel Road, Hunan House on E. Dublin-Granville Road and Kobe on Morse Road.

Last week, she paid 25 percent more for every 50-pound bag of rice. That’s the steepest increase Chang has seen in her 20 years running restaurants in Columbus. “

According to the Columbus Dispatch Chang said menu prices will not go up.

Lunch today “Bisible Bhath” over leftover basmati rice from last weekend.  Bisibele Bhath is a “spiced and cooked rice & lentil” dish, a prepared meal imported from India (bought at Spice World) according to the package.  In the Columbus Dispatch article in today’s paper it says :

“Retail experts said there is little evidence of “panic” hoarding by the public. As of now, it appears restaurants and smaller retailers have been buying up most of the stock on the expectation that prices will continue to rise.”

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