The Best Pizza in Columbus is in Philadelphia PA

by Maureen McCabe on April 5, 2007

Joe’s Pizza in Philadelphia is the best pizza in Columbus according to Citysearch April 4 on


Brad of wrote:

“Ummmmmm. Yes, Joe’s Pizza is highly recommended. (Get the Hawaiian; there’s something about the peppers they use.) But uh, Citysearch? What’s up with the picture of the Columbus, Ohio skyline on all the Best Of stickers around town? Yeah, we get it, it’s stock photography, no one notices these things. Except, well, the people who notice these things.

Citysearch is backed by Microsoft. Isn’t the pool of money there deep enough that each city’s Best Of can be, I dunno, unique to that city? I’m sure Columbus, Ohio has some fine pizzerias . . . but I don’t really need to think about them while I’m eating at Joe’s. ”

Do we have a “Joe’s Pizza” in Columbus? We have Papa Joe’s Pizza in Columbus … Searching Citysearch…. in Columbus.. 645 listings for pizza… If any of them changes their name to Joe’s Pizza Citydearch is advertising them in Philadelphia.

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