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by Maureen McCabe on January 30, 2010

We eat at the Polaris, Smokey Bones a lot. Officially the name of the Polaris area restaurant is Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill.

Smokey Bones has great coupons… In the Columbus Dispatch… Sunday Dispatch I assume. What does a Sunday Dispatch cost? Isn’t a “Buy One Entree, Get One Free” Coupon worth the cost of a Sunday paper?

I did not really know where the Smokey Bones coupons come from… The Columbus Dispatch, The Bag, in the mail, direct from some barbecue heaven…. but Dino the manager of Smokey Bones at Polaris said the Smokey Bones coupons are in the Columbus Dispatch. I don’t know when we started going to the Smokey Bones at Polaris. It is a chain* and it is not the only barbecue place in the Polaris area. Smokey Bones might not even officially be my favorite barbecue restaurant in the Polaris area but it is the barbecue restaurant we go to the most often because of those coupons.

I love their pulled pork…  I love their barbecue sauces.  I’d like to describe the flavors but sorry I am not a food blogger…

Smokey Bones at Polaris was our first choice last Saturday night. Their parking lot was jammed so we went to our second choice, Claddagh. Bad decision. We should have just waited for a table at Smokey Bones. I wrote a post about dinner Saturday night at  Claddagh on Discover Columbus OH another blog.

Recently I won a free happy hour at Smokey Bones for my office.   We went Thursday… It was a real small group from Real Living HER Worthington. I won the Free happy hour by putting a business card in a box (fish bowl… it’s a clear box)  in their lobby. A FREE happy hour is free appetizers, buy your own drinks. We had Fire Sticks (french fries dressed up), Nachos, Onion Rings… some little mini burgers.

Stimulating the local economy…

1. Buy a Columbus Dispatch

2. Pray for a Smokey Bones coupon

3. Visit Smokey Bones at Polaris -1481 Polaris Parkway Columbus OH 43240 ( Polaris Town Center  looks like it was made with Lincoln Logs, on the south side of Polaris Parkway)

4. Remember to put your business card in, in the box in the lobby for a drawing… your office could get lucky

5. Tell ‘em Maureen sent you

* Not being a food blogger I have the freedom to eat at chain restaurants and blog about it.

I really do not like their website but here’s the link –   Smokey Bones

Thanks to Dino, Rob (or Robb?) , Erin of Smokey Bones Polaris…

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