Polaris Grill – Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on December 23, 2007

I went to a real restaurant last weekend…. and I am shy about blogging about it. Of course I am not a food blogger. I don’t take a camera to dinner with me… by real restaurant I mean it was not fast food, it was not a chain… there were not chips and salsa on the table. I had forgotten how good the food at the Polaris Grill is.

I have been to the Polaris Grill a number of times, just not lately. I’d forgot that Polaris Grille was a “55 Restaurant” The only one that is left? I had forgot about the 55 Salad until I saw the menu… I had a filet… it was good but my taste buds were singing “Same Old Lang Syne” for that 55 Salad…. and still are.

I believe I was only at 55 on the Boulevard once or twice… same for the 55 at Crosswoods. Four of us at the business dinner at Polaris Grill last Saturday night had gone to the 55 on the Boulevard about ten years ago…

The address of the Polaris Grill is 1835 Polaris Parkway, Columbus Ohio 43240. Sitting on the exit ramp from 71 north you are right in front of the Polaris Grill so it has to be off of Pulsar Place or Orion off Polaris Parkway… doesn’t it? Going through that area so often but not going to the restaurant in maybe four or five years we knew it was there but where? There is a sign for the Polaris Grill just south of the Steak and Shake… they also have a Polaris Parkway address… I don’t get it. Map for Polaris Grill.

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1 Chris Griffith December 23, 2007 at 08:14 am

What’s a 55 restaurant? 55+ years old to eat there? You’re not 55…are you?

2 Maureen McCabe December 23, 2007 at 09:33 am

No 55 was a local chain of Restaurants but not like chain restaurants. They were all different. There was a 55 downtown, 55 on the Boulevard, there was one north at Crosswoods, 55 at Crosswoods there was also 55 Grill… I don’t think Polaris Grill ever had 55 in the name…

I believe the Gottliebs restaurants were also part of 55, one in Grandview and one in Gahanna.. but I believe Polaris Grill is the only 55 Restaurant left in Columbus.

They all had the 55 salad on the menu.

I don’t think I ever knew why they were named “55.” They were very popular restaurants.

No I am not 55. I was not 55 ten years ago when I last remember eating at 55 on the Boulevard either… And I am NOT 65 either!!! ;-)

3 Hogs Head December 23, 2007 at 12:10 pm

So How old are you?? :-)
Thanks for the “Snow Globe” hint!
Merry Christmas maureen!
Hogs Head

4 Maureen McCabe December 25, 2007 at 12:08 pm

don’t ask, don’t tell… snow globe hint?

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