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by Maureen McCabe on March 19, 2010

I am not a food blogger but I eat.  I love Indian food.  We ate at Cuisine of India in the Polaris area on St. Patrick’s Day. I ordered green dish – a spinach curry, but I almost always order a spinach dish in Indian restaurants.

Or does it look like a color other  than green here?

Saag is spinach. I chose the Gosht Saagwala with shrimp. The Gosht Saagwala part was great. The shrimp was horrible. We took boxed leftovers home but did not bother with the hard, rubbery, tasteless shrimp with tails still attached in a couple of instances.  Is that normal?  I would think in a sauce you could count on the cook to remove the tails.   We left those shrimp for the Cuisine of India garbage disposal.   Nice sized shrimp…

The  Gosht Tikka Masala with lamb was great.   The lamb was tender…  The naan was good.   Service was good.  They wanted to pass off  lemon as a lime but complied on the second request for a lime.

Cuisine of India – Map – 8475 Sancus Boulevard,  Columbus, OH 43240

We will go back again I am sure, we’ve eaten there a number of times.  It is convenient and the food is usually much better than the one dish last night.  I don’t remember having to work so hard to get a lime before.

Remind me to stay away from the shrimp…

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