People Watching at the Waffle House

by Maureen McCabe on March 16, 2010

# 5 People Watching at the  Waffle House… my latest contribution to 365 Things To Do In Columbus…

Waffle House sign on 161 in Columbus We went to the Waffle House on 161 just west of Interstate 71 Sunday morning (I believe there is another Waffle House on 161 further east, Westerville area?  It’s probably in Blendon Township… or maybe you can just see the Waffle House sign in the sky from 161…) but back to 161 and Interstate 71.  Great people watching…  much better than the people watching at the Polaris Waffle House.  Don’t get me wrong, there is good people watching at the Polaris Waffle House but without a “gentleman’s club” behind the location on 161… how can the Polaris Waffle house compare?

We went to the Waffle House Sunday morning at about 6:30 (the 6:30 that was 5:30 really because we did that “Spring Forward thing Sunday morning.) We were coming back from a secret mission in downtown Columbus Sunday morning and discussed going two exits north to the Polaris exit… but we just ate “breakfast” there on Friday night…  as long as we were on Interstate 71 we were able to stop at the Waffle House there without going out of our way… and really it is an interesting place for people watching.

The photo of the sign is not mine… It is from McSquishee’s Flickr photo stream, credit below… he has a whole series of his visit to the 161 (Dublin Granville Road) Waffle House back in 2008, titled ‘Our Trip to Waffle House.’ The sky was pitch black at 6:30 Sunday  morning.  It was still too dark for my phone’s camera when we left…

People Watching at the Waffle House, it’s the neighborhood

Why do I suggest this Waffle House for people watching… probably because of the establishment behind.  Back in  the late 90′s I visited this establishment in the dead of night for some people watching  and breakfast occasionally (I have gone to the Polaris location more recently… good but not great for people watching.. I think it’s the neighborhood.)  In his series of photos, McSquishee has photos of the establishment behind. It was ‘Gold Fox’ in 2008, now the name is ‘Lollipops.’   It just makes for “colorful clientele” which makes for good people watching.  I ended up with my back to a table of people, two of whom I believe might be ‘Lollipops’ employees.  Good eavesdropping but they left shortly after we got there.  Unbelievable shoes!!!  That’s what we were there for.

There was an interesting set of  temporary signs in the driveway the businesses share on Sunday morning.  Gee I wish I had light or a camera with a flash Sunday morning…

People Watching at the Waffle House there’s food and coffee too..

Hash browns, smothered, covered…. grits, eggs and of course waffles.   McSquishee’s Flickr series on his visit to the Waffle House has photos of food too.  I could have taken a photo of my plate Sunday morning… there was enough light inside.  Never thought of it.

Photo Credit: / CC BY 2.0

Originally posted on Facebook on the 365 Things To Do In Columbus page.

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