National Lasagna Day

by Maureen McCabe on July 29, 2010

It’s National Lasagna Day here in Columbus just like everywhere else in the USA…  I first heard this through emails of special deals from Bravo and Brio… (same company right?)  We ate brunch at Bravo at Crosswoods on the 4th of July.  It was good.  I wrote a post somewhere but never published it.  The post has a picture of my plate (I am no food blogger… but I do occasionally get an urge to photograph my food) but Bravo’s brunch was NOT lasagna.

What’s the BEST place for lasagna in Columbus?  Or what is your favorite Italian restaurant if you are NOT  a lasagna eater?  Lasagna has treacherous calories doesn’t it?

Are there other Central Ohio restaurants celebrating National Lasagna Day?  Good deals?

I confirmed it was National Lasagna Day with Sarah Stelmok, a real estate agent in Virginia because Sarah keeps up on these things… special days.  So does Margaret Woda in Maryland.  I did not confirm it was National Coffee Milk Shake Day with either on Monday..  I just ran out and bought coffee ice cream at UDF.  Yesterday I grabbed a Hershey Bar out of the machine at the office without confirming National Milk Chocolate Day with Sarah or Margaret either…  sweet tooth?

This is part of ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’   which is quickly becoming a glutton and overly food oriented.   Ice cream, coffee milk shakes, hamburgers, milk chocolate… now lasagna.   Putting ’365 Things to do in Columbus’ on a diet…

Unless of course something tempting comes up.

P.S.  Bravo and Brio have 50% off their lasagna today only … or so their emails tell me.  Carryout does not apply, etc. etc.  There is a Bravo at Crosswoods and a Brio at Easton.  I am sure there are other locations too.

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