Most Columbus Restaurants get the green light…

by Maureen McCabe on January 15, 2007

Restaurant sign with postcard edgeWell I need to write something other than real estate at some point if I want this site to be Columbus Best Blog in the spirit of the original Columbus Best Blog said “Columbus Best Blog is not the best blog in Columbus Ohio. This is a blog about what is best in Columbus and Central Ohio! Best restaurants, best real estate company, best schools, best neighborhoods…..”  …food always works.. but this may not be as appetiizing as most food and restaurant type entries… 

I am reminded that trash pick up is color coded in Columbus too….

“The Central Ohio Restaurant Association is almost ready to back Columbus’ plan to post signs at businesses informing consumers of the results of health inspections” according to “Trade Association Warming to Warning System” a Business First of Columbus article written by Dan Eaton. 
Today the “Central Ohio Restaurant Association” site still says: “Columbus Board of Health Announces Hearings on new Disclosure System of food safety inspection results.

Our preference remains a Pass/Fail system. The Board of Health says they want and will weigh input. Members are requested to attend one of the two hearing sessions on Wednesday, January 10, at Columbus Public Health, 9am-11am and 5pm-7pm”

Here’s the color coding for the Columbus Health Department’s plan according to the Business First of Columbus article. “Green for no violations.
Yellow for uncorrected critical violations.
White for businesses on probation.
Red for businesses shut down by inspectors”

Dan Eaton’s article said Dr. Teresa Long, Columbus health commissioner “said the health department conducted 23,000 inspections in 2006, and she estimated if the program were in place then, inspectors would have issued 5,920 green signs, 64 yellow, 24 white and nine red signs.” according to the Business First of Columbus article.
The very end of the article gave this information:
“Health history: Some common food safety violations encountered by the Columbus Health Department:
No person in charge. Every business must have an individual on site at all times who understands and is responsible for food safety issues and can answer questions about it. Cross-contamination. For example, putting food on a dirty surface, using unclean equipment to handle food, or storing meats above salads in coolers or freezers.
Improper temperatures. Applies to cooking and storing temperatures. Improper cooling of potentially hazardous food. Food should be cooled quickly to avoid potential tainting.
Source: Columbus Health Department”
In blogging about Columbus restaurants that might have goat on the menu another Columbus Blogger, Paul It’s a Paul World mentioned the health department.  I try not to think of those things.  I am not sure I don’t agree with the Central Ohio Restaurant Association… that pass / fail is better.   


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