Ice Cream Sundae – Win Graeter’s

by Maureen McCabe on July 10, 2011

Ice Cream Sundae – Win a Graeter’s Gift Card  from

Greater’s Ice Cream is not involved in this trivia contest. 

I will give the first person who answers the  Graeter’s  trivia question below correctly, a gift card for Graeter’s.

The trivia question is about the Graeter’s in Westerville, Ohio (you can use the Graeter’s gift card at any Graeter’s…  )  Do not answer  CBB’s Graeter’s Ice Cream Sundae Trivia Contest question in the comment on this post.  Answer using the contact form on  The first person to answer the CBB Greater’s Ice Cream Sunday Trivia Contest question on the contact form correctly and provide all the information (email and a physical address for the card to be mailed to ) will win the  Graeter’s gift card  ($10.)  Only one Graeter’s gift card will be awarded.

Official   Graeter’s Ice Cream Sundae Trivia Rules:

  1. First correct answer to the Westerville, Ohio Graeters’  Ice Cream Sundae trivia question  wins a $10 (ten dollars)  Graeter’s Gift card… that should buy the winner an ice cream sundae, or two.
  2. Fill out the unfriendly Contact Form on  with your email and a physical address to mail the gift card.    Answer the trivia question about the building  Graeter’s in Westerville, Ohio… is located in.

It’s not even really a Graeter’s question.  It’s a Sunday morning question about the building Graeter’s in Uptown Westerville is housed in.  The trivia question is about the rooms above the Westerville Graeter’s today.  The question is about the era of approximately 1913 into the 1920s.  A recently published history of a local Westerville faith community mentions, the church met in: 

“the rented rooms above a local Westerville bakery and pool hall – a place where we now find Graeter’s Ice Cream.”

What current day Westerville, Ohio church met in “the rented rooms above a local Westerville bakery and pool hall” in the early 1900s?

If no one correctly answers this trivia question using the contact form on on Sunday, July 10, 2011 I will give another clue on Monday.   That would be great…no answer Monday?  Tuesday I could give another clue… is doing Nablopomo in July 2011.  I have to write a post on this site EVERY DAY… so far so good but if I could milk a $10 gift certificate to Graeter’s and a bit of Westerville history trivia into a few more posts that would be OK with me.

July is National Ice Cream Month or something like that, isn’t it?

Columbus Ohio is the best in the US when it comes to ice cream… or something like that.  Someone said that… Yes,  Greater’s is a Cinci import not Columbus ice cream…   Hey anyone have any Jeni’s Ice Creams trivia?   Maybe next Sunday.

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