I knead dough…

by Maureen McCabe on August 31, 2009

No I am not complaining about the housing market… that would be  “I need dough”  and I do.


is on the front of a Donato’s T-shirt that I got when I was invited to a little event Donato’s had at Donato’s headquarters on Monday.   The backs says:




Columbus based Donato’s Pizza … maker of thin crust, edge to edge pizza is introducing a hand tossed pizza.  It is available NOW.  Any one tried it?

We did.  We  (some Columbus bloggers) got to try to toss it first and then got to eat it…  lots of it… and I gotta tell you it is the best pizza I have eaten in a loooooooong time*

First tossing.  We had an opportunity and only two bloggers did it.  Jason Blanton of Blantonius and Jim Ellison of  CMH Gourmond did.   Me?  A once in a lifetime opportunity to toss a pizza and I blew it.  I don’t know why I was so shy and did not toss one.  I planned on trying to toss a pizza  even if I am not coordinated.

I did not plan to eat any pizza but I did.  How can you NOT when it smells so good?  Officially I don’t eat pizza but I have to tell you it is hard not to when there is pizza at an event.  We have pizza lunches at the office occasionally.   I have been known to cheat and eat some pizza.  In fact there are probably people I work with who don’t realize I don’t eat pizza officially.

With thin crust pizza I sometimes just eat the top.   Why not?

It’s a new era in Columbus… hand tossed pizza.  Stay tuned I’m feeling a pizza poll coming on…

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