Happy Valentines Day

by Maureen McCabe on February 14, 2007

Columbus skyline with heart trim.
We did not get reservations for dinner… so we were thinking of doing something non Valentine-ish, we went to Tandoori Palace (my favorite Indian Restaurant) on Valentines Day 2005… and it was love at first bite. Forgive me for mentioning the now closed Tandoori Palace again… it is part of the grieving process…. Valentines Day 2006 we cooked fish at home if I am not mistaken… and that is chronicled on Discover Columbus which used to be Columbus Best Blog….

This year I was thinking Vietnamese? Or Japanese steak house? Or ribs at Hoggy’s? Trying to think of places very close because of the snow… which means Crosswoods or Polaris….


Amazon Steakhouse … we tried it… funny I have never blogged about it YET.
Cameron Mitchell Steakhouse… probably booked
Hyde Park … probably booked
Ruth Chris… ha ha… never been there. I have no interest for some reason. $$$?
Isn’t Crosswoods heavy in steak? BEEF, it’s what’s for dinner? There’s Alexanders too and J. Gilberts… The middle eastern place… by the movie theater? Tuts? …nah… Sushiko? I am not into sushi… BW3… I am not in the mood for wings… ( I don’t think I have ever ate at a BW3.)
Columbus Fish Market booked… we tried to get reservation there AFTER not being able to get into Columbus Fish Market on Olentangy River Road (pre snow storm… we will drive and there is a slight preference for the original location over the Crosswoods CFM)

Polaris Mall
Lindy’s is probably booked
Molly Woo’s lots of red but maybe better for Chinese New Year on the 18th….

Polaris area

Halong Bay? Vietnamese Lisa at Restaurant Widow gave it thumbs up
The Japanese Steak House?
The Indian place on Sancus by Halong Bay? Been there… not thrilled
Hooters? No comment
Mimis? maybe….
Claddagh…? no St. Pat’s is coming up….

There’s also plenty of places like Max and Erma’s or Red Robin… maybe red meat at Red Robin would not be bad for Valentines Day….

Although by tonight maybe it will be OK to venture to Worthington, Dublin, Westerville or points beyond…. Cameron Mitchell Restaurants and others were closed last night because of the snow. Lisa at Restaurant Widow wrote Monday (for those last minute Valentines Day plans for those who do not think ahead) that the Burgundy Room had reservations available… or BOMA… I have always wanted to try The Burgundy Room….

Or maybe Sno Cones at the UDF on the corner of Worthington Woods and Worthington-Galena Rd?

Happy Valentines Day Columbus!

Note to self next year think ahead. The Dispatch had this great list of romantic places for special Valentines Day experiences.

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1 Stefan Scholl February 14, 2007 at 10:10 pm

Dear Maureen,

Happy Valentines Day! I was able to take my lovely Valentine out to dinner tonight and all restaurants were packed. Instead of waiting 45 minutes for a table, we actually sat and ate at the bar, which was actually kind of fun. Our babysitter offered to watch the kids last night instead. She says that only the “amateurs” actually try and go out for dinner on Valentine’s day. She says that the real “pros” always go out the night before. :-)

2 moinoh February 15, 2007 at 03:21 am

Restaurants were closed on the 13th here and many on the 14th…because of the snow in fact we drove a few miles to a Greek Place last night that was closed and turned around and came back to our stomping grounds and ate at “Hoggy’s” a bbq place that we’d never been to. I’ve been to the original now defunct Hoggy’s in Worthington and one in Gahanna but never the one at Polaris.

It was a weird Valentine’s Day, I feel sorry for the places that lost a lot of business on the 13th because of the snow and ice.

3 Toby February 15, 2007 at 02:09 pm

We had our Valentine’s Day dinner on the 13th. I did an improvised sirloin steak with the fixings. Improvised because I love to grill … but not in a snow-drift.

We were going to go out for dinner last night, but it was almost impossible to find a place open in Delaware. I guess these people actually take a level 3 to heart.

4 moinoh February 16, 2007 at 10:11 am

Taking level three to heart… sounds like a good blog headline for Valentine’s Day 2007 in Delaware County Toby.

We were only level 2 in Franklin County but I am so close to the Delaware County line the closest real stores are in Delaware County. I emailed Elaine something about sneaking up to Polaris in the afternoon and she wrote me that lots of the stores would be closed. Duh! Turned out I was too chicken anyway until the snow plow came through… seeing one Camry stuck in the street was enough for me… also saw a van and assorted other cars stuck on the 13th and the 14th.

We never thought to call ahead before heading to Yanni’s on Cleveland Ave. for Greek… driving over to Hoggy’s (Mark has an SUV, we stopped to try and help a lady who was stuck trying to get into her driveway… she declined the help and was going in to get her husband…. poor fella… Mark said her car sat about like mine does…) anyway…Driving from Yanni’s to Hoggy’s I started noticing a lot of Polaris Town Center was closed… I could not tell about THE MALL… most of the restaurants on outlots seemed to be open… Mimi’s lot was too full… so we went to Hoggy’s not a big Valentines Day destination but hey pigs are cute and pink aren’t they? At least in cartoons they are.

Thanks for the comment… next holiday… Chinese New Year… followed close by Presidents Day… with Mardi Gras nipping at it’s heals. Come to our office Mardi Gras party Tuesday night Toby!! I am the queen I should be able to invite someone. Bring Gretchen.

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