Happy Cinco de Mayo Central Ohio

by Maureen McCabe on May 5, 2007

taco Happy Cinco de Mayo

From Channel 10 TV’s Commit to be Fit *  eNewsletter:

“5 Best, 5 Worst Mexican Meals”

This was written by By Susan Burke MS, RD, LD/N, CDE eDiets Contributor I could not find a link to the original. Commit to be Fit does not provide one, maybe it is members only, here is eDiets website. *

“The 5 Worst Mexican Meals”

Refried beans with anything
Shredded cheese

“5 Best Mexican Meals”

Arroz dishes
Burrito Bowl

Phrases like “Skip the guacamole and sour cream” and “Say “No” to the heavy condiments, like shredded cheese and sour cream” pepper Burke’s list even on the 5 Best Mexican meals.

Burke says of tacos:

“At Baja Fresh, the Original Baja Taco is simply your choice of charbroiled chicken, steak, shrimp or pork in a grilled corn tortilla with onions, cilantro and salsa. Only 220 calories; you can order “dos, por favor”!

Baja Fresh was one of my favorite restaurants and I should make it down to the Baja Fresh on Bethel Rd or the one on Sawmill more often. There was one in Worthington a block from my office and one at Polaris. I used to do the Baja Fresh beans and rice diet a lot.

My numero uno La Hacienda Real on Sinclair Rd. I bet the chile relleno I had last night at La Hacienda Real would be off the meter bad according to Burke. And she’s right. Filled with cheese, encased in an egg (like an omelette) then covered with cheese. I have to learn to “Say “No” to the heavy condiments, like shredded cheese ….”

*EDIT 4 -2013  The enewsletter link was broken but it went to Channel 10!  The diet site is just a membership site now (no info unless you are a member.)

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