Gahanna Firehouse Subs: Dinner with the Founder

by Maureen McCabe on June 17, 2013

Firehouse Subs is a fast casual food.  The Gahanna Ohio Firehouse Subs restaurant  is at 406 Granville Street,  Gahanna, Ohio 43230.

Dinner with the FounderRobin Founder of Firehouse Subs

Last week on their very first assignment ColumbusBestBlog’s new foodies visited Firehouse Subs in Gahanna for ‘Dinner with the Founder.’   Pictured above in blue is Firehouse Sub’s  co-founder Robin Sorenson*with Sonny.   Tuesday, June 11, 2013 the Gahanna Firehouse Subs had 10 local guests including Sonny and Elaine, the  new “foodies” representing

Firehouse Subs was founded by brothers, Chris and Robin Sorenson.

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation

How is Firehouse Subs different than other sub sandwich chains?  The June 2013 Firehouse Subs ‘Dinner with the Founder’  in Gahanna, Ohio was about the food but also about the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.    “Serving Subs, Saving Lives” is more than just a theme for the fast casual eatery.

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation a 501 (c) (3) organization funds first responders and public safety organizations providing equipment, education, preparation, scholarships and natural disaster support.  The founders of Firehouse Subs were inspired during Hurricane Katrina to establish the  fund.  Eating at the Gahanna Firehouse Subs restaurant?  Buy an empty, official five-gallon pickle bucket and you are donRobin talking to the groupating to the foundation and it’s life saving works.   The five-gallon pickle buckets are handy for household chores.  In the photo on the right, founder Robin Sorenson is showing off a five-gallon pickle bucket.

The Firehouse Subs restaurants also collect donations. Throw your spare change in a canister or round up your purchase to donate to the Firehouse Subs Foundation throughout the year.  In October during National Fire Safety Month Firehouse Subs employees ask guests to donate.

Did you catch that the founders of Firehouse Subs were inspired during Hurricane Katrina to establish the  foundation?  Coincidentally the first Columbus Best Blog (a different site that is still up but had a name change in 2007 when this site, went live) was born during Hurricane Katrina.

Firehouse Subs Food

Firehouse Subs Sub sandwiches of course… Sonny and Elaine,’s new foodies knew to expect sub sandwiches.  Each sub sandwich at Firehouse Subs is served with a fresh kosher pickle spear.  The “official” pickles of Firehouse Subs are “Proudly Supplied to Firehouse Subs by United Pickle Products Corp. Bronx, NY 10457.”   Hence a steady supply of five-gallon pickle buckets for guests to purchase.

I don’t think I got a straight answer when I asked Sonny and Elaine what the best sub was… Or I got multiple answers.   I don’t think they could decide which was best.  The invitation to the Dinner with the Founder event was to sample Firehouse Subs hot subs.   I heard rave reviews on the Hook and Ladder Sub… and their ‘Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket’ and others.  The ‘Hook & Ladder Sub’ is “served Fully involved” according to their menu.   The term is a registered trademark of Firehouse Subs…  The sub are steamed at Firehouse Subs…    It is hard as a non bread eater to understand what that means but I was craving sub sandwiches badly after looking at photos and hearing descriptions… of the food.

“Fully Involved”  means mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion with a dill pickle spear on the side according to the Firehouse Subs menu.

Sauces…  special sauces.

Firehouse Subs sauces

Soda or is it pop in Columbus? There’s a Coca-Cola freestyle fountain beverage fountain at the Gahanna restaurant.  That means choices, lots of choice, 120+ brands including Dasani water.  Firehouse  Subs also has fresh brewed iced tea and bottled beverages on the menu.

Cookies… both Sonny and Elaine were still raving about the lemon cookies when I stopped by the night of the storm to pick up the gift cards (did I mention Firehouse Subs provided gift cards for to raffle off? More about that later.)   The cookies served at the  Tuesday evening ‘Dinner with the Founder’ at the Gahanna Firehouse Subs restaurant were a hit.sub innards 2 bbq

Thanks to the Gahanna Firehouse Subs restaurant

Thanks to Firehouse Subs for inviting to their Dinner with the Founder event in Gahanna.  Would the NEW foodies say anything bad about Firehouse Subs being guests of the restaurant at an event?  hmmm…husband and wife team Sonny and Elaine know food.  Sonny likes food but so does Elaine who was behind the camera.  Thanks for all the photos, Elaine!  Elaine can be critical but she was gushing about the subs.  They were also duly impressed with the  Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundations work locally and across the US.

Just another sandwich chain?

Sometimes it is easy to dismiss restaurant “chains”… partly because they are NOT local.  They are everywhere.  The mural in the Gahanna restaurant shows connection to the Mifflin Township Fire Station.  The goal of the restaurant and it’s foundation is:

“to insure we’re able to impact local communities by providing life-saving tools, technology, and training to protect and save lives.”   


Mifflin Township Fire mural

Try Firehouse Subs Yourself

If you have NOT tried Firehouse Subs yet, you have an opportunity to do so… or I guess even if you are already a Firehouse Subs fan there is a raffle for gift cards on coming up.  CBB has been experiencing technical difficulties or this would have been up faster.  There will be a raffle as soon as I set up a Rafflecopter to allow you to enter to win a $10 gift card to Firehouse Subs.  Due to the generosity of  Firehouse Subs, five lucky central Ohio readers of / 365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio (on Facebook) can try Firehouse Subs for themselves.    I hope to have the raffle set up by Wednesday.  Expect  another Firehouse Subs post for the raffle.


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