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by Maureen McCabe on March 10, 2013

This dish from the Columbus Dispatch is “Pasta Puttanesca.”

Next Friday is going to be funky little fish Friday at home.   An article Wednesday in Columbus Dispatch article titled “Funky little fish”  quoted me about anchovies.

“I like them on Caesar salad, pizza or just crackers,”  

That’s it.  The Columbus Dispatch article also said “For her, the saltiness is the draw.”   I am the “her” in that sentence.  That’s all.  That’s my contribution to the subject of anchovies… I like them.
It all started back on Robin Davis, the Columbus Dispatch Food Editor Robin Davis asked on Twitter who liked anchovies.

Columbus Dispatch Kitchen  tweet

I responded.

Anchovies divide the world

According to the Columbus Dispatch article John McCauley of Columbus voted “nay” for anchovies.   We are now following one another on Twitter… we both feel passionately about funky little fish.

Newspaper reader?

This world is divided into people who read the Columbus Dispatch and those who do not.  Well not the world, Columbus.  A friend emailed me Wednesday morning that the Columbus Dispatch had the shocking revelation that I like anchovies.   She probably never realized I say “yay” to anchovies.

A friend hangs out with Columbus Dispatch readers.  Running into friends … male friends Wednesday afternoon, he heard I like anchovies. He knew that! Just last Friday eating a Caesar salad, at Red Lobster I brought up wanting to find a REAL Caesar salad with anchovies.   If anyone can recommend an authentic Caesar salad in Columbus… thanks.  Maybe the guy in the March 2013 Columbus Dispatch article who said “nay” to  funky little fish can say where he’s had Caesar salad in central Ohio and had to say “hold the chovies.”

In a May 2012 article in the Columbus Dispatch about anchovies there was at least one recipe.  The pizza recipe with anchovy oil uses two anchovy filets.  A little anchovy goes a long way.  I have not had anchovies on a Caesar salad in forever…  I have not had anchovies on pizza in years.  I know Iacono’s which was my  favorite pizza in Columbus serves pizza with anchovies.Columbus Dispatch

Recently on I believed I was a “pescatarian” because I eat fish …  Friday Fish Fry in Columbus a Pescatarian Poll.

The picture at the top is a photo in The Columbus  Dispatch…  the picture is of Pasta Puttanesca is a link to the image on my food “Board” on Pinterest.  Click on the photo of the Pasta Puttanesca once and you will be on my “Edible” board.  Click on the photo on the board  and you will be on the Columbus Dispatch site on the recipe that accompanies the March 6, 2013 Columbus Dispatch article titled , ‘Funky little fish.’

I never thought I’d see the day that blog posts would have photos from mainstream media.  How does that work?  The Columbus Dispatch shared their photo of the pasta  and recipe via Pinterest and I re-pinned it. I used the Pinterest tool on the Columbus Dispatch site to share the photo.   The image the newspaper allowed to be shared on Pinterest is then re-shared via an embed from Pinterest.  Newspapers using Pinterest…  tweeting it’s all so 2011,  2012… 2013. What is somewhat confusing is that by sharing the image on a site with a tool to add images to Pinterest, will I be hijacking their image?  Please re-share directly from the Dispatch so it links to the recipe, not my post.  Thanks.  That way the traffic and the eyes looking for the recipe pictured all go back to the Columbus Dispatch.

EDIT 10- 2013 there was an image embedded at the top.  It’s still in the html.   The symbol shows there is an image there that is not showing.  The link is nice looking.  Note to self, don’t bother linking to images from the Columbus Dispatch?  Or is it don’t bother linking to images on Pinterest?  Not linking to either is probably the best  idea. Pinterest image missing

<div style=”padding-bottom: 2px; line-height: 0px;”><a href=”” target=”_blank”><img alt=”" src=”” width=”460″ height=”319″ border=”0″ /></a></div>
Next Friday is going to be funky little fish Friday at home.   An article Wednesday in Columbus Dispatch article titled <a title=”The Columbus Dispatch Funky little fish” href=”” target=”_blank”>”Funky little fish” </a> quoted <strong>me</strong> about anchovies.

Should be the image.

Plugin problem on  No.

Pinterest problem?

Dispatch problem?

While there is an embed link on the Columbus Dispatch image on Pinterest, that  goes to a 404 page.

I noticed in September 2013 many images on Pinterest from had messed up links.  The images are there but the link to said something unflattering about Other images the link go to the domain but not to the image.

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