Earth Fare Columbus: $50 Gift Card Giveaway

by Maureen McCabe on April 26, 2012

Do you know about Earth Fare coming to Columbus?  It’s here. Earth Fare opened yesterday. Earth Fare is  “the healthy supermarket.”  The new Earth Fare store at 1344 Gemini Parkway, Columbus, Ohio 43240, the Polaris area, is open now.  Win a $50 Gift Card here on

Earth Fare’s philosophy

No bad stuff.  Go to Earth Fares site for all the details.  No GMO, no high fructose corn syrup, no steroids in the meat.  You want to go to the Earth Fare website to sign up for their coupons anyway.  This week’s Earth Fare coupon is a free chicken or free veggie burgers.

Earth Fare produce

Produce at Earth Fare the healthy supermarket

According to their website departments at Earth Fare include “Grocery, Produce, Meat/Seafood,  Specialty (Wine & Cheese), Health & Body Care, and Food Service. ” It is not a huge store but it is bigger than I expected.   The Columbus store has a  “Charcuterie “….  I remembered a Columbus food blogger defining Charcuterie for me, years ago.  Meat.  Cured meat.

Earth Fare in Columbus selling products from a Columbus company a Columbus companies products at Earth Fare

Local Columbus foods

I recognized these products on the shelves from a Columbus company, Montezuma. I’ve bought the Columbus produced salsa, marinades and sauces at the Worthington Farmers Market.  Maria an Earth Fare employee explained local foods are those products from companies within 100 miles of the store.  There are also what Earth Fare refers to as Family Producers. A local producer at another Earth Fare location would be a “Family Producer”  in a Columbus store.  A local food producer who can get their product into Earth Fare could have added opportunities.

Earth Fare meats

meat for sale at Earth Fare

That’s bison in the meat case… or some of it is. It’s all labeled.  Earth Fare has a good choice of seafood. The seafood and chicken were less photogenic. Look for labels for food from Local Producers and Family Producers throughout the store.

Earth Fare has foods for vegans.  They have a large choice for people who eat gluten-free…  Just go and see for yourself.  Would a $50 Gift card help?  I mentioned the “giveaway.”

$50 Earth Fare Gift Card Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Answer a question about what you want to buy at Earth Fare.  Like a Facebook page (365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio) using Rafflecopter… Or tweet:

Enter to win a $50 Gift Card to Earth Fare Columbus’ NEW “healthy supermarket”  on I did.

Or do all three for a better chance of winning the Earth Fare gift card, four days.

The winner of the $50 giveaway (one winner)  will be contacted at the end of the giveaway and the gift card mailed to their central Ohio home or work address.  Thanks to Earth Fare for providing the gift card.  Earth Fare also gave me a gift card.  Thanks Earth Fare!

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1 Krizza April 26, 2012 at 10:44 pm

Even more importantly, however, public transportation allows you to lighten your environmental footprint by reducing harmful emissions and the need for growing urban sprawl.

2 Myrtle April 27, 2012 at 05:22 am

If I win these $50 Gift Card Giveaway, I will buy a lot of vegies and fruit. Thanks for sharing these with us.

3 Maureen McCabe April 27, 2012 at 09:38 am

I’m thinking Krizza’s comment is spam. Or some clever irony about urban sprawl “Even more importantly, however, public transportation allows you to lighten your environmental footprint by reducing harmful emissions and the need for growing urban sprawl.” Yes Columbus is all sprawly. Polaris was NOT on the map 20 years ago.
Myrtle if your comment is for real and NOT spam and you are in central Ohio, please use the rafflecopter widget to enter. Thanks!

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