Cooking in Columbus, gluten-free

by Maureen McCabe on May 11, 2011

NaBloPoMo May 2011

Maybe 2011

Today’s Nablopomo prompt says:   “What is your favourite thing to cook?”


I believe we spell it “favorite” in Columbus.

I tried to make a sandwich last night and the bread was moldy… I understand the bread was about 3 weeks old.   I did not realize it was that old…  it was old and suddenly moldy.   Toasting bread and slapping some sliced turkey and greens on it does not count as cooking, though does it?    The bread was really, really green with mold last night.  I am pretty sure I ate a sandwich within the past few days.  I don’t remember it tasting bad.  I do not remember the bread being green.  Maybe the suddenly warm weather is what made the bread go bad.

I made cupcakes from a box mix about  a week ago…  dry, very dry.  I have never liked to bake.  I never liked to bake from a mix. I never liked to bake from scratch.  I just have never liked to bake.

I used to like to cook.

I cooked a meatless gluten-free thing about a week ago…  It was pretty good.  I was trying to use up gluten-free pasta.  I’d ordered four new boxes of gluten-free pasta and gluten-free cake mix… thus the dry, very dry cupcakes.  Gluten- free food is often “dry.”  I ordered six boxes of gluten -free brownie mix.   The six boxes of gluten-free brownie mix are on “back order.”   Back to the meatless gluten-free pasta thing … I cooked to use up gluten-free pasta.  I found the recipe for a meatless dish with pasta and black beans online and made it gluten-free.  OK but not really my favorite thing to cook in Columbus.

Risotto despite how long it takes and all the stirring is  my favorite thing to cook.  The risotto I have cooked at home, usually disappoints though. The home cooked risotto often just does not have a lot of flavor to me.   I enjoyed the last two “batches” of  mushroom risotto I’ve cooked.  Both times I made the mushroom risotto with red wine.  Last time the mushroom risotto was purple so it was not well received by the “other” party who dined on it.  The previous “batch” of mushroom risotto was wonderful.   Perhaps the red wine was not as purple that time.  Or maybe eating it alone I did not perceive it as “purple food!”

“Purple!”  What’s wrong with purple food anyway?  Grapes get away with purple.  Grape juice.  Grape jelly.  The color of the mushroom risotto was really an eggplant color… Aubergine?

I have never enjoyed baking…  but I don’t mind eating cakes, cookies, etc. I have owned three gluten-free brownie mixes in my life and never baked one yet.  Yet I find I  love gluten-free brownies… I never “cooked up”  any of them.   I guess that would be “I never  baked any of the three gluten-free brownie mixes.”   The first brownie mix which was a Christmas gift in 2009 my dog got off a shelf in the pantry and tried it.  It seems the dog  found the brownie mix very dry.*   He ate some.  He chewed through the packaging.   He made a mess.  He did not eat enough gluten-free brownie mix to make himself sick.   Someone else baked brownie mix number two and brownie mix number three for me because I did not, would not bake up those brownies.  I was afraid they would be dry and tasteless.

I used to enjoy cooking (but not baking.) I guess I am just not much of a cook anymore.  I was in a “gourmet club” when I first moved to Columbus (long ago.)  That was before I started eating gluten-free, this time.  Maybe if I did not have to eat gluten-free, it would be more fun to cook…

This Saturday  a Columbus  Gluten Free Dessert  Tour -  I shouldn’t…

* My dog tried gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix also.  It seems he  found that mix very dry as well.

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