by Maureen McCabe on June 11, 2013

Mexican Restaurant on Godown found foodies…

Introducing… well kind of introducing two new “foodies.”  A husband and wife team, they are attending an event at Firehouse Subs in Gahanna as we speak.  Not that we are speaking.  We are NOT speaking.  I am writing and you are reading this at some point in the future.  I am actually writing this before the event in Gahanna because I have a previous engagement this Tuesday evening.

I needed to get someone who could eat the food at these sort of events. got an invite to Dinner With the Founder at the Firehouse Subs location in Gahanna:

Firehouse Subs is at 406 Granville Street, Gahanna, Ohio 43230.

Watch for a post about Firehouse Subs, here… and a promotion

Firehouse Subs locations:

1. Gahanna

2.  5th Avenue, Grandview Heights area

3.  Hilliard (Rome Hilliard Road)

4.  Polaris Parkway

6.  Sawmill Road.

I believe the Gahanna Firehouse Subs is one of five Firehouse Subs locations in central Ohio.   Or did I miss any? (this site) got foodies for the event in Gahanna at Firehouse Sub tonight.   I will be writing posts for them… at least for awhile.  Perhaps I will always be doing the writing.  They will be doing the tasting.   They are in charge of eating.

Who are those masked foodies?  I need to get their permission before I tell you.  He grew up in Gahanna.  She’s from Columbus.  They are both great cooks.

No bread! Pies and Pints gluten free pizza

I can not do most food justice because I eat gluten free. I can not eat gluten.  There is gluten in bread. Subs are of course on bread.  Gluten free means no bread, no pasta, no pizza.  There is some gluten free pasta and some good gluten free pizza in Columbus now and a number of great gluten free bakeries.  I can tell you where to buy the best gluten free bread in central Ohio but I have never run into a sub on gluten free bread at a sub shop.

The photos are NOT of a sub sandwiches.  There are no photos from the Firehouse Sub event tonight.  YET.

Have you tried Firehouse Subs?

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