Columbus tea party line

by Maureen McCabe on May 4, 2010

Columbus tea party line is not about politics… sorry if you came looking to discuss politics. Use the comments section to recommend some good Central Ohio political blogs (or don’t….) for others looking for politics, tea parties etc. This is an ongoing poll about iced tea in Central Ohio. Political and summer tea drinker… vote in the poll please.

I grew up in the Midwest (Wisconsin) and we drank iced tea in our painfully short summers there. As a kid I drank my iced tea sweetened. Sweetened tea Ala Wisconsin did not prepare me for “sweet tea.” I was probably introduced to sweet tea on vacations in the south. When I lived in Dayton Ohio in the 1980′s I probably first understood that Sweet Tea is more than just putting a packet of pink stuff or blue stuff or even real sugar in your glass of tea.

It’s getting to be iced tea season in Columbus.

I just saw a real estate agent in Atlanta on Linkedin whose site is something about “sweet tea.” To me sweet tea is for people in Georgia, Mississippi or Louisianna… not north of the Mason Dixon Line… It surprises me how many people here in Central Ohio drink sweet tea.

Iced Tea Poll:

Central Ohioans do you prefer sweet tea? I belong to the group where if I get sweet tea by accident… you know how hard it is sometimes to understand what is being said in a drive through… anyway if I get sweet tea by mistake.. watch out tea stains.

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