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by Maureen McCabe on March 18, 2011

I was surprised a few weeks ago to drive through the intersection of Hard Rd. and Smokey Row Rd.  to see Pizza People hanging out on the corners during rush hour.  I think it is a Domino’s Pizza on the northeast corner and a Little Casaers on the south-west corner of the intersection.    And by Pizza People I mean people in pizza costumes…  at least one… the Donato’s guy?

Columbus has gluten – free pizza

I love pizza.  Officially I can only eat gluten free pizza so I have not “officially” had pizza in years.  I went to a free tasting at Donato’s…  a year or so ago and paid dearly for my pizza binge on non gluten – free pizza. I tried Donato’s crustless pizza.  It did not do it for me.

I found out about Zpizza in the Short North on Twitter.   @Chris1010 mentioned it.  @Chris1010 is Kristen Radu.  Thanks!  I tried Zpizza  late last year.

I believe I found out about Mellow Mushroom on Facebook.  I can not remember who whispered “Mellow Mushroom has gluten – free pizza” to me online.  Thanks!  I tried the Polaris Mellow Mushroom location a couple of weeks ago.  Mellow Mushroom has a second Central, Ohio location.  The Dublin location that opened recently.  I noticed it when I drove by Thursday…

pizza box

Cottage Inn Pizza box

I found that Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza has  “Gluten – Free Pizza at Select Locations” the old fashioned way.. a paper ad from the newspaper or the mailbox  caught my eye…  the Polaris location is one of the “Select Locations.”    Did you know Cottage Inn is  from Ann Arbor, Michigan?  Don’t hold it against them Columbus.

Gluten free is now trendy?   I have to thank anyone who does not have to eat gluten free pizza, brownies and bread for making gluten free food more accessible.  I gotta say though I would never, ever eat it  if I did not have to.

Which Columbus gluten – free pizza do I like best?  I have had one of each.  I think I will have to keep testing to see which of the three (and others?) is best.

I am not a food blogger.  I shouda shot a photo of the pizza not the box huh?  Better luck next time.  I had to have a piece in the car or two or three. so even when I got it home my pizza was not photogenic.  It actually was a prettier pizza than the Mellow Mushroom Pizza…  Italian sausage, mushrooms and onions is just not all that photogenic.    The Cottage Inn Pizza was purdy… I had to go vegetarian but tomato, spinach, green pepper, mushroom and onion is pretty.   The gluten – free Zpizza was very pretty, Link above to a photo on Columbus Life (Posterous) of course I gobbled it down mostly before remembering to take a photo and that is why I am not a food blogger.

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