Columbus “Panera It Forward” week…

by Maureen McCabe on February 17, 2010

Did you know it’s “Panera It Forward” week in Columbus? Of course that  has to do with Panera Bread bakery-cafes.  It’s a week for Random Acts of Kindness in Columbus. The “Panera It Forward” week started on February 15, 2010 and runs through Sunday February 21, 2010. Well actually the ” Panera It Forward” week where they are promoting us all doing some “Random Acts of Kindness” is not just in Columbus, the “Panera It Forward” Random Acts of Kindness Week is in Dayton and Cinci too…

There are Panera Bread bakery-cafes all over Central Ohio, Clintonville, Bethel Road in Northwest Columbus, Grandview,  Polaris, Lewis Center, Easton, two in Westerville, three in Dublin.

Their site says:

“Stop by Panera February 15 -21 for a special Panera It Forward offer”

Hmmm when did this latest Central Ohio snow start? Wasn’t it Monday? It’s got to be just a coincidence but what opportunities! Have you pushed a car that is stuck in the street? Shoveled a neighbors sidewalks? Checked on an elderly neighbor? Hope the whole “Panera it Forward” week… until February 21, 2010 does not offer anywhere near as many weather related opportunities for Random Acts of Kindness in Central Ohio.

Looking at Internet sites about Random Acts of Kindness…paying for the next person in lines coffee sounds great doesn’t it? Especially if you are the next person… Letting someone in, in traffic… lots of opportunities for that in Columbus.   I am looking at Random Acts of Kindness sites because personally I am not a natural at this.  It seems smiling at someone can be a Random Act of Kindness.   Central Ohio Panera‘s   “Panera It Forward Blog”  has ideas including  their 15 top tips for “Paneraing” … for  what is referred to as “Paying it forward.”   The Central Ohio Panera site has addresses of ALL Central Ohio locations of course.  The Panera It Forward Blog says of Random Acts of Kindness:

“So, we’re inviting you to be the ‘pebble’ to start the ripple of selfless deeds.”

Leave a comment here if you had a clue it was a week for Random Acts of Kindness  in Columbus and especially or if you are just the naturally nice kind of person who pays it forward as a way of life and have done Random Acts of Kindness this week.  Give me some more ideas…

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