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by Maureen McCabe on January 21, 2010

Chutnys at Crosswoods is a Google maps Favorite PlaceI tried “Food Spotting”  last Saturday when we went out to dinner in the Crosswoods area at Chutnys an Indian Restaurant but sadly I failed.   With the holidays we had not been out to dinner much so Saturday night I was excited to take a photo of my food (before that first bite ) and send a picture to  Food Spotting… or elsewhere.   The photograph I took pretty much sucked.  It is from my phone which is not an iPhone or anything cool.   And I am no photographer.

Food Spotting is not Google.

There is a Central Ohio connection to the Food Spotting site.  An OSU graduate connection.

Indian food is forgiving when it comes to photography.  We had already dug into the serving dishes and had food on our plates and some on the way to our tummies before I remembered I needed to take a photo of this food for  Food Spotting or to write a blog post about it… or to do Four Square or anything people do now when they eat out.  You probably can’t even tell there is a bit gone in the blurry picture of two serving bowls on the post about Chutnys on ‘Worthington Old and News.’    This is why I am not a food blogger.

I will have to read the Food Spotting directions again and try again soon…

I noticed and pointed out the Google Places sign at the front door of Chutnys at 195 Crosswoods Drive, Columbus Ohio 43235 but could not really explain what it is all about other than Google world domination.  Did I mention the phone I want now…(I wanted a Palm Pre then decided the Samsung Momentum which is Android was my hearts desire.)  Now I’ve heard good things about the camera on the Nexus One.  Maybe if I do get  a Nexus One I can do better with Food Spotting and food blogging.    It probably won’t stop me from digging in before taking a photo though…

Columbus Best – Food Spotting

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