Central Ohio Honey

by Maureen McCabe on August 15, 2013

I ran into central Ohio honey at the Worthington Farmers Market a couple of weeks ago.

Mockingbird Meadows Herbs and Honey

Central Ohio Honey at Worthington Farmers Market

The first Saturday in August I bought sweet corn, tomatoes, peaches, a melon, cucumbers and green onions from different vendors at the Saturday morning farmers market on High Street but I also bought honey from two vendors.  On August 1, 2013 I felt my allergies flair up.  Ragweed?  Or was it too early for ragweed in central Ohio?  Honey was NOT on my farmers market shopping list  that day but when I saw the display from Mockingbird Meadows in Marysville  I bought Mockingbird Meadows  “Herbal Honey Spread”  labeled  “Allergency.”   The label on the 6 ounce jar says  “SUPREME RELIEF FOR ALLERGY SUFFERERS.”

Mockingbird Meadows website is MockingbirdMeadows.com

Mockingbird Meadows is Mother Earth News’ 2013 National Homesteader of the Year.

Central Ohio honey for allergies 

I’ve heard using local honey can help with allergies.  I asked the woman at the Mockingbird Meadows stand at the Worthington Farmers Market if Marysville was close enough to Columbus for it to be local honey.  She said it was.

Mockingbird Meadows Honey  Spreads

Mockingbird Meadows had  “Herbal Honey Spread’s”  for what ails you.  In the photo above I see “Hormone Balance”,  “Prostate Health and Vitality”, “Motion & Morning Sickness” …. I think the blue label is “Sleep and Stress.”  There were a half dozen herb and honey potions I could have purchased, if I could have afforded them… then again if I ate a spoonful of each, each day I would need a herbal remedies for diabetes and an herbal weight-loss remedy too.

Central Ohio honey seasons    

I also bought two tiny little bear containers of honey from a Circleville, Ohio bee keeper.  Sara Bee Pure Honey from Circleville, Ohio was the first place winner of the 2012 Ohio State Fair, according to a banner at the stall at the Worthington Farmers Market.

Sara Bee Pure Honey Sara Bee Pure Honey was just honey, nothing added to it. Honey just the way the bees made it.

Seasonal Central Ohio Honey

If you go to the Worthington Farmer’s Market or find Sara Bee Pure Honey at another central Ohio market try a taste test. Honey stall.

There is a difference between summer* honey and  fall honey.  Or perhaps it is spring honey rather than summer honey.  There is a difference between s____ honey and fall honey…  My little tiny bear containers have an S and an F… The beekeeper put an “S” and an “F” on the containers.  Whether the “S” is for spring or summer I am not sure.  The honey is labeled on the table and displayed by season.   There is a difference in taste.  I could taste the difference!  I won’t spoil how it tastes different  for you though.  Try a taste test…  a blind taste test, or a kind of blind taste test.  The Sara Bee Pure Honey is labeled on the table.  I  knew which season I was tasting and the blind taste testing was to see if you could tell how the honey tasted different by season.

I could taste the difference!

I prefer the fall honey to the summer (or spring?) honey.  I believe the beekeeper told me the 2012 Ohio State First Place Winner was the s____ honey, rather than the fall honey.

It was fun. I brought the little labeled bear containers home to share the blind taste test experience.

Sara Bee Honey Beekeeper

Honey and herbs for what ails you or pure honey, there was a choice at the Worthington Farmers Market but I bought both.   Central Ohio has award winning honey. 


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