Central Ohio has bad taste in pizza?

by Maureen McCabe on April 24, 2007

Pizza sign Do Central Ohioan’s have bad taste in pizza?

A Central Ohio pizza shop owner comment spammed on my The Best Pizza in Columbus is in Philadelphia?:

“Columbus, Ohio traditionally has had terrible pizza and what is sad about that is that the residents aren’t even aware of that growing up on it. Well that has now changed because _____s Pizza in ______ serves a outstanding East Coast style pizza loved in Pennsylvania, New York and anyone that truly loves authentic Italian taste. Be sure to check them out.”

April 22nd, 2007 at 08:36 pm

written by the owner of the joint.

Did he say he was the owner?


I did not notice the spam comment on my blog for most of the day Monday.

My Askimet (spam filter) has taken care of over 2000 instances of comment spam on this blog, most of it does not even show up. Thank goodness for Askimet. Lots of it is insurance spam… I don’t know why insurance companies hire spammers to send out links, after link after link of comment spam. Some gambling spam, some porn spam.

Real Living HER has had bad email spam for a couple of weeks. Noticabley worse. I had about 240 emails that were spam between 9 PM Sunday night and 6:00 AM Monday morning, in addition to the 533 spams that my email spam filter ate. I can barely find incoming mail for all the spam.

I talked to our Real Living “Help Desk” Thursday April 13, after a couple of days of hundreds of spams a day coming directly into my mailbox and mingling with the real mail. After a 12 minute lecture about spam, I threw my cell phone at the wall and we were somehow disconnected… Imagine that? Yesterday I got an email. “Yes” there has been a problem with our spam filter…. This morning there were only two spam emails in my mailbox.

Spam, spam, spam. In the midst of all this spam I notice this Central Ohio spammer posted an ad for his pizza parlor as a comment, complete with address and phone number, not identifying himself as the owner of the establishment he was touting… there’s something in the tone of a spammer… Googling I think they have a website but only find other bogus reviews by the spammer. SNP did a story about them back in February when they opened.

According to the person who answered the phone the spammer owns the place with his brother and his brother’s fiance. I hope the spammer makes the pizzas. I hope the brother or the brothers fiance is in charge of public relations, advertising and business in general.

We have an administrative assistant in our office who is from NYC. She’s got the accent… she’s got the attitude, she has said some unforgiveable things about Columbus pizza over the years… but I forgive her.

I was just going to edit out the contact info from his spam comment but I deleted the whole comment. I’ll be watching the foodie blogs to see if they are raving over “outstanding East Coast style” spam pizza anytime soon.

Stay tuned I’d doing a pizza poll of Central Ohio soon….. gosh I am hungry for pizza, good old Central Ohio pizza and that makes me angry.

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