BEST Fish on Friday in Columbus

by Maureen McCabe on February 15, 2013

Ju Ju fish from  Kroger

We are in fish on Friday time for some people in Columbus, Lent.   Catholics abstain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent, every year.  Although I grew up Catholic I did not grow up in a family that ate fried fish.  We ate baked fish or tuna casserole  in the privacy of our own home some Fridays.  Fish was in the minority as I remember it.  We ate pancakes.  I did not like pancakes as a kid.   I loved fried fish when I discovered it in college.  Or maybe it was the french fries and ‘macaroni & cheese’ served at “fish fries” with the fried fish.   From my college days on while I still lived in Wisconsin, the Friday night fish fries at restaurants were huge.  I heard of fish fries at churches but I never went to one until I lived in Columbus.

Not that I don’t love the Columbus Fish Market….  num.  “Friday Fish Fries” (even if you don’t eat fried fish) are a different experience from eating at a fine restaurant that serves fish.

the BEST Fish on Friday in Columbus

I have only been to one Columbus Catholic parishes “Friday Fish Fry”, St. Joan of Arc several years ago.  I think we went because they served baked fish as well as fried fish.  We went with a bunch of friends.

I have always heard that the best “fish fries” in Columbus is at St. Margaret of Cortona on Hague Ave or Our Lady of Victory in Marble Cliff.     An old post online from the Columbus Dispatch asking the question of where the best fish fry in Columbus someone says ” St. Stephen the Martyr, 4131 Clime Road in Columbus, definitely the best.”    Columbus westside and south-western suburban Franklin County has better fish than the north-side?  Or elsewhere?

I have also heard good things about the fish fry at the  Shamrock Club in Columbus.

candy fish St. Joan of Arc in  Powell,  St. Michael in Worthington and St. Paul in Westerville all have a Friday evening fish fry during Lent.  I read somewhere that St. Michael in Worthington serves fish from  Old Bag of Nail’s…  I was trying to find something online about the “Fish Fry”  at St. Michael’s yesterday and found that the St. Michael Church website is being redone.  Today giving it another try I found this menu and information and associated prices:

Menu* this year includes:
Shrimp Pasta
Smoked Salmon
Breaded Tilapia
Fried Shrimp
Fresh Salad
French Fries
Cheese Pizza
Macaroni & Cheese
Vegetables and Rice
Coffee, Tea and Lemonade
And all your favorite desserts
Beer and wine (for an additional donation)

* Darn!  Although I was searching for “Fish Fry” and “Columbus” the St. Michael the Archangel parish Friday Fish Fry with that menu is NOT in Columbus.   The Knights of Columbus, a fraternal organization in many Catholic churches sponsor the “Friday Fish Fry.”  That makes Columbus relatively useless as a search term.    This St. Michael the Archangel parish is elsewhere.  Forget smoked salmon….

A lot of Catholic parishes have pasta or pizza without meat on their menus today because a lot of people do not like fish, fried or otherwise.

Dayton is the BEST place to find  fish in Columbus

Another search took me to a page on the site which showed  “Columbus fish fry events” and a number of Dayton, Ohio events.   I thought I was on a Dayton TV stations site but the advertising on the side was all Columbus businesses.  Grabbing a screen shot of  “columbus fish fry events”:

Columbus Fish Fry Events

Maybe I am on a search that is only looking for events in the Dayton area on the  Columbus TV stations website.  Using the Worthington Zip code 43085 on the website I was still shown information on “fish fries” in the Dayton area.  Nothing for Columbus area churches or organizations.   Using the Powell Zip code, I got information on one fish fry closer to home:

Fish Fry – K of C Council 11188
Fried ocean Perch or baked fish. We coat the fish with breading before deep frying …

5225 Refugee Rd.
Columbus OH


If you want to recommend a fish fry closer to home to friends in central Ohio, use ’365 Things to do in Columbus Ohio’ on Facebook (link in the sidebar on Pictured some of my favorite fish.  Actually the red ones are my favorite.  None were available for photography.


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February 22, 2013 at 07:58 am


1 Shantell Sheffield February 15, 2013 at 04:51 pm

I was on St. Michael’s Catholic Church of Worthington’s SCHOOL site and saw on the calendar events that it does indeed have a fish fry every Friday from 5-8pm, however, it does not give specifics of what it includes, pricing and if it is Old Bag of Nails. I do know that I have had friends go there before and they said it was the best. I was interested in going myself so I had tried to look up the info myself.

2 Maureen McCabe February 16, 2013 at 09:45 am

Thanks Shantell, I never thought to look at the school site!

3 michael gross February 23, 2013 at 12:30 pm

HI Maureen! Thank you for providing this information regarding
our St. Michael Lenten Fish Fry. This years marks the 16th consecutive year the The Knights of Columbus Council 11445 has
been serving the best fish dinner in the Columbus area. For 16 years we have strived to provide a great meal at a very reasonable price, while using the best products availablei n the marketplace.

Our fish has been, is now, and will continue to be a battered
Icelandic Cod Filet. Generally, the filets are 2-3 ounces and are
deep fried to perfection by myself and a few other seasoned
veteran ” fish-heads.” The basic meal contains cod filets, french
Fries, Cole slaw, a roll and a soft drink. Additional meal options
include mararoni and cheese, New England clam chowder and a
Very nice assortment of baked goods, most of which are donated
by our parishoners.

On a typical night we will serve between 800-900 fish dinners.
One of the features of The St. Michael Fry that sets us apart
from most of the other churches in the Columbus area is that
we offer Drive-Thru service as an option for those people that
want to take their meal(s) with them. It is a very efficient operation
and has continued to become more popular by the year.

We will be cooking every Friday during Lent, except for Good
Friday. The hours again, are 5pm-8pm. Please stop by to eat in or
take your meal with you one of these Fridays. I am sure will will be pleased. Once again, thank you for mentioning our event!

4 Maureen McCabe February 23, 2013 at 12:50 pm

Michael, Thanks for all the info. I saw the comment via email but could not find it because I assumed it was ON yesterday’s post with a picture of St. Michael’s….

Your St. Michael Fish Fry has fans. A site called ‘The Lutheran’s Guide to Catholic Fish Fries posted their “favorite” this week and it turned out to be St. Michael’s fish fry.

They had a post from a previous Lent (they’ve been visiting fish fries during Lent since 2010) when they did the St. Michael Fish Fry drive through because of crazy family / work schedules.

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