BEST Columbus Mexican Food: OH – Mex

by Maureen McCabe on January 22, 2013

Casa Hacienda Grill goes with chipsOK, it is not the best Mexican food  in Columbus, it’s just a list of my current favorite Mexican restaurants. For years I have dined at lot at Mexican restaurants in Columbus because of the corn tortillas. I am on a diet now so I am trying NOT to eat out at Mexican restaurants because of the corn tortillas, frijoles refritos and all that melted cheese. I love all that melted cheese.

On an old post here about Mexican restaurants in Columbus someone named Lucy commented:

“I am from mexico and we do not eat melted cheese and sour cream!!!! you was eating tex -mex food, not an a mexican food.”

After 7 years of Mexican restaurant posts I think we probably eat Ohio Mexican in central Ohio, the “Tex” in “Tex – Mex” is Texas.  The Mexican food in Columbus  is Americanized.  Welcome to America.  Even to those who are in Columbus but have lived in southern California, Texas etc.  Welcome to America.

My current favorite list of Mexican restaurants:

1. Casa Hacienda Grill in the Northland area at 1264 East Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, Ohio 43229

2. El Acapulco in the Crosswoods neighborhood at 7475 Vantage Drive, Columbus Ohio 43235

3. La Casita in north-west Columbus at 1355 Bethel Road Columbus, Ohio 43220

I am limiting my current favorite list of Mexican restaurants to three. I live and work in the Worthington – Polaris – Lewis Center sphere, so for me the closer to that area the more likely they will become my favorite.

I am open to trying other Mexican restaurants. On the original Columbus Best Blog (this is, see the distinction?) someone named Joe recommended Cuco’s on Henderson and I have been there a couple of times.

Posted by Joe

“Cuco’s on Henderson road is by far the best Mexican resturant in Ohio. There are many really good Mexican resturants in Columbus as many other ethnic resturants.”

Joe’s comment was on a 2006 post about southern California vs. Columbus Mexican restaurants spurred by someone named Tony saying:

“The Mexican food here SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. Awful”

actually in 2006 Tony  southern California to central Ohio transplant  was telling the world the only Mexican restaurants in Columbus were Taco Bells. Links to his post now come up “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. “  Tony left Columbus and moved to Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas… I forget.

My list of my  favorite Mexican restaurants in descending order  in 2006 were:

10. El Acapulco, Worthington area, Crosswoods, 7475 Vantage Dr, Columbus, 43235
9. Don Pablo’s Mexican Kitchen – Northside, 1777 E Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, 43229 GONE
8. El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant, Polaris area, 8715 Sancus Blvd, Columbus 43240
7. Don Pablo’s Mexican Kitchen Northwest, 3740 W Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus 43235 (at Sawmill Rd) GONE
6. El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant, Northwest Columbus 3230 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, 43202
5. El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant, Northwest Columbus 2195 Riverside Dr Columbus, OH 43221
4. Chile Verde Cafe, Northwest, Carriage Place Shopping Center, 4852 Sawmill Rd., Columbus, OH 43235
3. La Casita, Northwest Columbus, 1355 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43235
2. Baja Fresh, 3 Northwest Columbus locations    Gone! Gone! Gone!
1. La Hacienda Real, Northland area, 4855 Sinclair Rd Columbus, OH 43229 GONE but reborn.

Back to 2013 Columbus Mexican restaurants: OH – Mex

Other central Ohio Mexican restaurants… I really liked Blue Agave in the Polaris area but I have only been there once, in 2012. I really liked a place on Cleveland Avenue but have never been back.  I loved Fiesta Jalisco on 161 but have not been back in years.  There’s a new one?  There’s also a new Chile Verde too.

Although the Crosswoods El Acapulco made my list of favorite Columbus Mexican restaurants, I don’t particularly like the Polaris, El Acapulco restaurant.  Same menu, same management.

We had our office (the HER Realtors, Lewis Center office) Christmas party at Senor Antonios Mexicano Restaurante & Cantina. Senor Antonios is at 8617 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, Ohio (right across 23 from our office which has a Powell mailing address.) I ate there once when it first opened years ago and have NOT been there since. Way back when I first tried it, I thought Senor Antonios was good but high priced for Mexican food. What we ate at the office party in 2012 was wonderful. There was lots of melted cheese involved.

I’d imagine Cantina Laredo is expensive. I have NEVER eaten at Cantina Laredo. Cantina Laredo is at 8791 Lyra Drive, Columbus, Ohio in the Polaris Fashion Place, a high rent district?

I hate Tequila’s Mexican Restaurant at 1047 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio 43240 but that may be more about their Groupon than their food. My one and only experience there was very, very disappointing. Not so much the food as the service and an extra $5 charge they said had to be paid to use the Groupon.  NEVER again.

Perhaps hate is the wrong word.

What is the BEST OH – Mex in your part of central Ohio?

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