5 Best Restaurants for Cinco de Mayo 2013

by Maureen McCabe on May 2, 2013

Los Guachos taco al pastor A list for Cinco de Mayo 2013!   The Best Mexican Restaurants in Columbus for Cinco de Mayo 2013.  Maybe they aren’t the best in Columbus but they are my favorite Mexican restaurants, now.   Best for me because they are relatively close to where I work, live and play.

I was looking at the list of Mexican restaurants I have on Yelp.com yesterday,  many of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Columbus over the years have closed.   It could be bad news for these restaurants that they are my current favorite Mexican restaurants:

  1. Casa Hacienda Grill
  2. Los Guachos Taqueria
  3. La Casita
  4. El Acapulco

The Mexican restaurants here  are in order, my order.  There’s only four Columbus Mexican restaurants there.  I want to do my “5 Best Mexican Restaurants for Cinco de Mayo 2013″  or my favorites anyway but  it gets complex after number four in the list, the El Acapulco at Crosswoods.


It’s not for a lack of trying.  I’ve eaten at many Mexican restaurants I like in Columbus. Everyone loves El Vaquero.  I like the El Vaquero on Riverside Drive best of all El Vaquero restaurants in central Ohio but never get there anymore.  I ate at the El Vaquero on Olentangy River Road  in February… it was good. I live and work closest to the El Vaquero at Polaris but have not been there in years.   There is a second El Acapulco on Polaris Parkway and I have not been there in years.  I went to a holiday get together at Senor Antonios Mexicano Restaurante & Cantina in Lewis Center in December.  It was my first time at that restaurant in years.  I tried  the new Chile Verde Cafe in the Polaris area recently. Chile Verde Cafe and it’s twin at Carriage Place on the corner of Sawmill and Bethel is New Mexican cuisine?

Cinco de Mayo 2013

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo Friday, Saturday and Sunday is not out of the question for Mexican food lovers in 2013.  May 5, 2013 is a Sunday.

My four favorites Mexican restaurants  are all on the north side of Columbus.

Casa Hacienda Grill -  1264 E. Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, Ohio 43229
Los Guachos Taqueria -  5221 Godown Road, Columbus, Ohio 43235
La Casita – 1355 Bethel Road, Columbus, Ohio 43220
El Acapulco – 7475 Vantage Drive, Columbus Ohio 43235

Casa Hacienda Grill

I  only discovered Casa Hacienda Grill Mexican Restaurant opened on 161 east of  I-71 last October.  I have only been to Casa Hacienda Grill a few times but used to eat at  La Hacienda Real on Sinclair before that  restaurant closed.


Casa Hacienda Grill in Columbus, Ohio

Inside the restaurant at 1264 E. Dublin Granville Road, Columbus, Ohio 43229 you can tell from all the ceramic tile that it is the same restaurant as my old favorite La Hacienda Real on Sinclair.  When the server delivers the complementary tortilla chips and accompaniments you know Casa Hacienda Grill is the same restaurant.  In addition to salsa the restaurant provides a plate of refried beans and cabbage for the chips.   Casa Hacienda Grill goes with chips

Favorite Mexican Foods

I usually eat tacos (I like ‘em authentic), enchiladas, tamales or a chile relleno at any Mexican restaurant.    I am NOT a burrito eater… eating at the chains I will eat a “naked” burrito.

Los Guachos Taqueria

Best Columbus Mexican Restaurant

Please leave a comment with your favorite Mexican restaurant in Columbus, or four or five.  Or even the BEST Mexican restaurant in central Ohio, if you know what the best Mexican restaurant in Columbus is. 

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1 Julana May 9, 2013 at 07:16 pm

AZTECA Grill on Sawmill, where Iacono’s used to be….

2 Maureen McCabe May 9, 2013 at 08:07 pm

Thanks for the recommendation Julana, I have heard of Azteca but I did not know it was there. I don’t eat pizza so I did not realize the Iacono’s was not still open on Sawmill. That was my favorite place for pizza back in my pizza eating days.

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