2008 Columbus Best Mexican Restaurant

by Maureen McCabe on June 20, 2008

Reading a note at Chile Verde Cafe last night, they are in the competition for the best Mexican Restaurant in town. “Vote now” was the gist of the message… or maybe it was “Vote for us now.”

I found the CityGuide (AOL) poll and voted this morning, but not for Chile Verde. It was the second time we’d eaten there in less than a month. Chile Verde Cafe was just OK.

My favorite Columbus Mexican restaurant is on the list, so I voted for them.

City’s BEST – 21 Days Left to Vote!

Look at the photo of Chile Verde Cafe… we sat in the very last booth (sat in the second to last booth a few weeks ago on a Saturday night…) The mirror on the wall is supposed to be vertical the design is a crescent moon and the moons are lying on their backs because it is hung horizontally to fit the wall. In a Columbus Alive article same booth is photographed (it is a small restaurant) I digress…

The food was OK. We talked last night about “Chile Verde is not what it used to be…. ” but it is OK. I had a salad. The salsa was OK… needs more cilantro for me. The lime in the Diet Pepsi was superb. It is often hard to get a lime in authentic Mexican restaurants… I’ll blog about that someday.

Chile Verde Cafe is in the Carriage Place shopping Center on the corner of Bethel and Sawmill Roads, 4852 Sawmill Rd, Columbus, Ohio. If they’ve got a website I can’t find it in the jumble of restaurant reviews, city guides, etc. If I had a link I’d give it to you….

Who else is on the AOL.com BEST Poll (no relation to ColumbusBestBlog.com)?

My favorite… Hacienda Real on Sinclair Road.  Hacienda Real has one of the lowest scores. Las Margarita’s on Frantz Road in the Dublin  lots of people rave about it… we visited the Las Magarita’s in Westerville… not fans…  Also on the BEST list to vote for, Talita’s on N. High Street in Columbus (Clintonville) but Talita’s moved to G-r-o-v-e C-i-t-y earlier this year…. their website says: “THANK YOU CLINTONVILLE FOR 39 YEARS.”

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1 Joe Peffer June 20, 2008 at 12:51 pm

I love Hacienda Real on Sinclair Road. Great food, great people, great ambiance.

2 Maureen McCabe June 21, 2008 at 07:36 am

: – )


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