2008 Columbus Best Breakfast

by Maureen McCabe on June 22, 2008

Who is in the running in the 2008 “CITY’S BEST” (no relation to ColumbusBestBlog.com) breakfast poll on the AOL.com City Guide?

A local Bob Evan’s is leading the pack. I wonder if people see Bob Evan’s and vote, thinking of their local northwest Columbus, Dublin, Worthington, Westerville, etc. Bob Evan’s with out clicking to see that the location is on S. High Street in Columbus. I can assure you I have never eaten at that location. Will all of the Bob Evan’s restaurants in Central Ohio claim the honor if the S. High Street location wins?

The Starliner Diner in Hilliard is on the list… as is a diner on the west side of Columbus. Jack & Benny’s at 2563 N High Street which is just south of E. Hudson Street is on the poll too.

I voted for “Scramblers.” AOL City Guide guide (and poll) calls the restaurant both “Marie’s Scramblers,” and then “Scrambler Marie’s.”

Which “Scramblers” location is on the poll? The Scrambler’s on Cleveland Avenue just south of 270 (located south of Westerville, north of Minerva Park, great location for Sunday morning breakfast crowds from both the Vineyard and Xenos… churches nearby… we used to run into the “breakfast” crowd from Ascension Lutheran on Morse Road, at the “Scramblers” Cleveland Avenue location often.  Small church, big breakfast crowd in comparison to the two behemoths.  The Cleveland Avenue location was the first “Scramblers” I ever ate at but I think the “Scramblers” at Polaris is better.  Polaris is definitely closer for me… (excuse me, my world revolves around me…) and more convenient. There’s a Scramblers in Hillard. North side locations include, the 6152 Cleveland Avenue location (Corporate Exchange Park ) the one in the vote… , the Powell location at 3980 Presidential Parkway and my favorite now…. 8679 Sancus Boulevard in the Polaris area.

That name thing… the restaurant’s website says “Cafe Marie and Scramblers is now Scrambler Marie’s!” In my head it may always be “Scramblers”….  I am glad the Marie is after… not before in the name

No sign of First Watch Restaurants on the City Guide BEST list.

Only 19 days left to vote for the best breakfast in Columbus? The winner will be announced on July 22, 2008.

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