World's Most Respected Financial Services Company

by Maureen McCabe on September 4, 2005

In September 2005  Barron’s Magazine ranked Wells Fargo the world’s most-respected service company.  The September 12 edition of Barron’s ranked companies based  on a number of factors.  Our inhouse lender, Real Living Mortgage is a partnership between Real Living and Wells Fargo, the world’s most-respected financial service company.

Scott Bentley of Real Living Mortage is featured on my website:

The top- 20 most-respected companies in the world according to Barron’s:

1.    General Electric

2.    Johnson & Johnson

3.    Microsoft

4.    Toyota Motor (Japan)

5.    Proctor & Gamble

6.    Target

7.     Dell

8.     Intel

9.     Exxon Mobil

10.   Walgreen

11.   3M

12.   PepsiCo

13.   United Parcel Service

14.   Amgen

15.   Home Depot

16.   Medtronic

17.   Gillette

18.   Wells Fargo

19.   Yahoo!

20.   Honda Motor (Japan)

The top-10 financial-services companies:

1.   Wells Fargo (18)

2.   American Express (23)

3.    Royal Bank of Scotland (41)

4.    HSBC Holdings (46_

5.    U.S. Bancorp (50)

6.    Wachovia (51)

7.    Barclays (54)

8.    UBS (55)

9.    ABN AMRO (59)

10.  Bank of America (61)

Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO,  Dick Kovacevich said ” Our ranking as one of the world’s most respected companies is built on the efforts of local team members who have the ability to make decisions that best help their neighbors.”

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